Thursday, March 5, 2009

Subjects for discussion in Anomaly Committee Meeting sent thro' S.G.FNPO

Sub: - Upward revision of Grade Pay to Postmen Cadre, anomalies arising there of – reg.

Ref: - D.G.Lr. No. 1-9/2008-PCC dated 15.1.2009

It is observed that in the sixth Pay Comission recommendations, the perks of the entire Class IV,III and II work force was adjusted in two PAY BANDS i.e., PB-1 & PB-2 whereas for UPSC(Group A) they were awarded with two PAY BANDS besides four additional scales which itself is fundamental anomaly and reveals the regard shown by the commission towards the larger working force.

Moreover, 6th Pay Commission has laid a statutory condition that any upward revision of the PAY BAND/GRADE PAY in PB-1/PB-2 should not exceed the NEW SCALE GR A Entry cadre i.e., 8000-275-13500 PB-3 15600-39100 and should invariably be below this and any corrections can be made up to this scale only. This itself is a glaring anomaly.

Vide memo cited under reference, the Grade Pays to the Postmen Cadre was revised as shown below with the

TBOP Postman

Cadre Pre Revised Pay Grade Pay Revised Pay

Postman 3200-85-4900/- 2000/- 2000/-

TBOP PM 4000-100-6000/- 2000/- 2400/-

BCR PM 4500-125-7000/- 2400/- 2800/-

Contention of the Ministry was that the above corrections were carried as a correction to Pay Commission recommendations.

In the recruitment of Rules for PA's issued by Dept. Of Personnel clearly envisages that the Pay of the Postman should be equal or less than PA's initial cadre. As per the recommendations of 6th Pay the Grade pay is to taken as criteria for status. But after implementation of the above orders the initial Grade pay of Postal Assistant i.e 2400 which falls much below to that of BCR PM whose grade pay is Rs.2800/- .

BCR PM' pay, Rs.4000/- (Pre revised) was equal to PA's Pay of Rs.4000/-, which was being maintained right from its inception of the original order.

Since, Grade Pay indicates status of the cadre this anomaly has crept as shown below.


BCR PM 2800/- PAs 2400/-

The contention of department that Postman Cadre is attending to the duties of PAs is not at all admissible. As Postman duties are relegated to Mails/Regn Branches whereas PAs attend to much more meticulous and complicated duties such as Savings Bank, Business development and other technology related programs(eMOs, IMT, iMO, ePayments, WAN,LAN etc) matters. The duties being done in C/B/A class offices is a clear evidence about the nature of work being handled by the Postal Assistant where 90% of the work attended is as mostly related to Savings Bank, Business Development(UTI, Sale of Tickets, other mutual fund transactios) and technology related matters.

Further, if a Postman after completion of 10 years promoted to PA there again the anomaly creeps as explained below

A Postman puts up 12 years of service with Grade Pay of Rs.2400/- after first ACP subsequently promoted to PA sits in the same Grade Pay of Rs.2400/-.

As per the recommendations of VI Pay commission one has to be placed in next higher Grade Pay at every promotional juncture if so there again an anomaly arises.

A Direct Recruit Postal Assistant puts in 2 years of service in the Grade Pay of Rs.2400/- and now the Postman Promotee joins him with much higher Grade Pay as per the arguments stated in the above two Paras. It is clear that the Postman promoted as Postal Assistant is junior to Direct Recruitment PA, but when in comparision to the pay being drawn the Postman promotee will be having a higher grade pay than that the directly recruited Postal Assistnat. Hence the orders issued vide letter cited under reference will become a bone of contention and will become a cause for unrest and other sorts of chain reactions – at every promotional juncture. Hence this subject needs immediate correction and the justified Grade Pay should be awarded to PAs.

These two cadres are independent cadres. For a Postmen becoming a Postal Assistant is a promotional avenue since long. Therefore the Grade Pays in PAs Cadre should be as follows

Designation Grade Pay

Postal Assistant 2800/- Rs.5200-20200

TBOP PA 4200/- Rs.9300-34800

BCR PA 4600/- Rs.9300-34800

And hence ACPs also should be settled accordingly.


Lots of problems arose while norm based promotions were implemented since the entire pay structure overlapped with Time Bound promotions no benefit could be extended to the officials who were promoted. Hence having said that, I would like to suggest the following for perusal.

Prerevised Scale


Revised Scale

Sl.NO. in old scale

Prom Cadre

Prerevised scale


Grade Pay



S-7 4000-100-6000

PB-1 5200-20200




S-8 4500-125-7000


PB-2 9300-34800




S-9 5000-150-8000


PB-2 9300-34800




S-11 6500-200-9600


PB-2 9300-34800


The suggestion was extended, since no official who was promoted to Norm Based Posts are benefited further it was clearly enunciated in the PAY COMMISSION RECOMMENDATIONS that whenever there is a promotion one additional increment including Grade Pay besides next higher Grade Pay should be awarded. More over Norm Based Posts are all supervisor Posts carrying much higher responsibilities besides displacement from the Station. Therefore will feel that the above suggestions put forth are JUST and not AVARACIOUS. Besides, special allowances as suggested in Restructuring of Cadres may also be included for Norm Based Promotions.

Regarding TREASURERS/PRI(P)s/ACCOUNTANTS/APM A/CS, it is proposed to grant SPECIAL ALLOWANCES/SPECIAL PAY to the ACCOUNTANTS including TBOP ACCOUNTANTS/BCR ACCOUNTANTS at par with TREASURES, parallels may be draw with the Restructuring of Cadres comparing it with the above and the SCALES/SPECIAL ALLOWANCES may be formulated.

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