Friday, January 30, 2009


1. Dept. may approach Nodal Dept., Ministry of labour and employment for removing anomalous position being governed by GDS rules, 2001 and I.D Act 1947
2. Viability of Rural Post offices: Offices does not generate minimum income: Dept needs to look into franchisee/outreach arrangements.
3. Posts of GDSSV not justified statistically at HO, HSG I, HSG II, LSG may not be filled up due to computerization and use of high speed Franking machines.
4. Urban Post Offices: Dept may consider creation of multi skilled Group C posts. Group D nature of duties by alternative arrangements suggested. Semi Urban and Rural Post Offices may have GDS Packers. GDS should be deployed in Gamin areas.
5. Promotion from GDS to PA cadre: Who have secured 50% marks in 10+2 shall be eligible instead of marks not below the marks secured by the last direct recruit, age 35.
6. Qualification for BPM/GDS SPM - Matriculation, preference to 10+2.
7. Retirement age - remain at 65 years.
8. ACP (automatic/Time bound promotion) - not recommended
9. Transfers: Existing position may continue, in exceptional cases and administrative needs transfers with the approval of the HoC. In such cases TRCA SHOULD BE PROTECTED.
10. Staff in seasonal POs may be deployed in other near by offices where there are vacancies.
11. There should be no EDSO both in urban and rural areas but pay of GDS WILL BE PROTECTED.
12. One point for CASH HANDLING of Rs.10, 000/- BPM
13. Workload of GDSMD/MC: Cycle able beat on cycle beat, partly cycle able on cycle and rest by foot.
14. Distance traversed for delivery work - existing norms should continue.
15. Combined duty allowance for MD work only is Rs.100/-, for MC work only it is Rs.125/-. For both MD and MC a total of Rs.250/-
16. Additional duty of Mail carrier or mail delivery (cases of leave etc.) compensation of Rs.10/- per working day, maximum Rs.250/- in a month.
17. Revised TRCA w.e.f 1.1.2006
18. Allowances - prospective from the date of issue of orders. Arrears 40% and 60% each spread over two financial years.
19. Present D.A FORMULA will continue.
20. BONUS - Status -quo may be maintained.
21. Ex-gratia Gratuity: Entitlement for minimum 10 years service - Maximum Rs.60, 000/- or 16 ½ months basic TRCA which ever is less.
22. Group insurance subscription Rs.50/- (For all GDS)- Insurance cover is Rs.50,000/-
23. SEVERANCE AMOUNT: Eligibility 10 years - @ Rs.1500/- for every completed year of service - Maximum Rs.60, 000/- for 40 completed years of service.
24. Service Discharge benefit scheme: A contribution of Rs.200/- per month for the duty period of GDS. Fund to be managed by PLI directorate or any other suitable agency to get adequate returns.
25. Financial assistance from welfare schemes: Old rates suggested as the new rates are more than what are given to departmental staff.
26. Maternity leave: 3 months TRCA out of welfare grant and 3 months LWA (substitute is arranged by GDS) FOR FIRST TWO CHILDREN.
27. LEAVE: 20 days paid leave in a year, no change.
28. Leave Vacancies/Short term to be managed by combination of duties - Where the work cannot be managed by combination of duties there has to be proper substitution.
29. Present Trade Union Facilities will continue.