Monday, January 5, 2009

Cadre Restructuring – NUPE-C proposals – General Secretary Speaks …

In the first instance I would like to discuss briefly about ACPs having been implemented in Naval Department. The cadre structure in civil wing of Naval Defence Dept. is as furnished.

Office Assistant 3200 – 85 - 4900 – PB.I 5200 – 20200 – 2000 (Grade Pay)
1st ACP 4000 -100 – 6000 –PB.I 5200 – 20200 2400 -do-
2nd ACP 5000 -150 8000 –PB 2 9300 –34800 –4200 -do-

Hither to they were having ACPs with two promotions and the basic cadre official got promoted as shown above.

But since the present ACPs i.e., three promotion systems is implemented to them and the anomaly crept which is as follows:

OA 3200-85-4900 – PB -1 5200 – 20200 – 2000 (Grade Pay)
1st ACP 4000-100-6000-PB-1 5200- 20200 - 2400 -do-
2nd ACP 4500-125-7000-PB 1 5200 - 20200 – 2800 -do-
3rd ACP 5000 – 150-8000-PB.2 9300 – 34800 – 4200 -do-

Now the pre-revised scale of 4500 – 7000 is suddenly introduced for the 2nd ACP and the anomaly crept as some of the officials were already promoted in the scale of 5000 – 150 – 8000 in the 2nd ACP prior to implementation of 6th CPC.

Let us keep a close watch on that, as to how it will be sorted out whether it has any repercussions on any other department.

If the 3rd ACP is placed in much higher Pay Band or Grade Pay any comparative restructuring can be obtained to our Cadres as OAs of Naval Department starts at much lower scale in the pre revised scale.
Cadre Restructuring of Postal Assistants.
There are several arguments and discussions regarding cadre restructuring is going around, some say criteria should be given to qualification like Degree etc., I am unable to buy such arguments, as a UPSC candidate after claiming much higher pay package and achieved where as fellow in the defence almost of the same cadre who sacrifices his life is left high and dry in the lurch. Let me give one example a fellow working in Lumbering work in ALASKA is paid more than 250 $ per hour even an IIT fellow in US does not get 20% if the perks.

Therefore I feel that we are the people who work hard should get more justified pay due to heavy work load and also due to acute shortage of staff, but not on mere qualification alone, as this has become a fashion in this Country. Further, I would like to state that there is a transformation in formulating the pay structure from SCALES to PAY BANDS in 65th Pay Commission and I for one feel that there are lot of restrictions to restructure CADRES as the limit in grade pay is between 2400 to 4800 and cannot go beyond. Therefore, keeping in view of the restrictions, I humbly suggest the following for your kind consideration if it is acceptable.
Classification Pre-Revised Revised Grade Pay Special Pay- Cadre
“C’Class S.Os 4500-125-7000 5200-20200 2800 800 LSG
“B” & “A” with
Less than 5 P.As 5000-150-7000 9300-34800 4200 1400 HSG-II

Office with more
5 Pas but less
Than 10 Pas 7450-225-111500 9300-34800 4600 2000 HSG-I

Offices with more
Than 10 Pas &
Postmasters 7500-250-12000 9300-34800 4800 2600 HSG (G)

The pre-revised scale I have mentioned is to have a clarity as a base, my basic argument is that in any CADRE RESTGRUCTURING there should be some kind of monetary benefits as the officials shoulder higher responsibilities like BD activities, Executive works etc., besides manning the largest BANKING SYSTEM in the world. Further, like in Railways (Running Staff) and Banking sectors SPECIAL PAY is given and treated as PAY for all purposes including Pension and in recent 6th Pay Commission such special pay stated to be Travel Pay / Travel Allowance for Railways is treated as Pay while fixing the pay in the revised pay band.

I firmly reiterate that some CADRES like SOs having more than 10 Pas of the HEAD POSTMASTERS should be treated as CONFERRED GAZETTED like ASPOs, aftrer all having put in more than 35 years of service one may reach to such status and also FAST TRACK officials can have opportunity to reach such level.
But if the restructuring of POSTMEN CADRE for 3 ACPs is formulated the entire analogy detailed above that is PAY BANDS and GRADE PAY has to be pushed further rather requires further upward revision as the criteria of the POSTMAN PAY and GRADE PAY should be less or equal to POSTAL ASSISTANT PAY and GRADE PAY, the SPECIAL PAY need no change.

Regarding PRI (P)s they should be invariably kept at HSG II will all the benefits mentioned above and similarly, all nor med based posts in S.Os and H.Os to carry similar benefits.

Regarding ACOUNTANTS, they can be placed in LSG cadre with the same special pay benefit and similarly APM ACCOUNTS can be placed in HSG II cadre with the special pay mentioned.

TREASURERS dealing with cash and stamps of value less than 5 lakhs should be kept in once cadre.

TREASURERS dealing with more than 5 lakhs but less than in another cadre.

TREASURERS dealing with more than 10 lakhs to be treated as CHIEF TREASURER as in BANKS with supportive GRADE PAY & SPECIAL PAY

Finally SYSTGEM ADMINISTRATORS should be placed in higher cadre, but here some qualification like MCA should be fixed but their Pay should not be more than POSTMASTERS as any cadre in the operative side should be less than POSTMASTERS.
The report is as follows:
Postal Assistants who are recruited with Inter as Basic qualification are made to perform the following tasks.
Software Programmers
System Administrators whose work involve; maintenance of Net Works (LAN/WAN) and continuity, updating of software’s, and other back end operations like maintenance of databases and backups, maintenance of hardware.

The tasks performed by the above two cadre of officials can be categorized into the following category of officials in terms of categories presently seen outside the department.

Software Engineers Programmers
Networking Engineers
System Administrator
Hardware Engineer
Database Manager
Back-end operators
The present working setup is System Administrator at Head Post Office levels and System Manager at Regional levels. But this nomenclature is giving a very bizarre look to the general public.

Hence the following new nomenclature is proposed along with levels and units to be under their control.

Software Development Centres
a) Junior Software Engineer: This should be the entry grade for every software developer /programmer. Proposed scale in the pre-revised is Rs.7500 – 250 - 12000.
b) Asst. Software Engineer: This should be the next higher grade after some years of service like 5 – 7 years.
c) Software Engineer
d) Senior Software Engineer
At field levels:
A) Officer (IT): His duties should be comprised of Networking Engineers, System Administrator, Database Manger, Back-end operators, Troubleshooter, Trainer. The duties Hardware Maintenance should not be included in his duties. He should be made incharge of the HP and its underlying SOs. The proposed scale ion the pre-revised scale is proposed scale is Rs.7500 – 250- 12000.

B) Regional Manger: He is supposed to be at Regional level as justification at DO level cannot be brought out. He is supposed to guide the Officer (IT) of various HOS.
C) Senior Manager: He is supposed to be at each Circle level and to guide the Regional Managers in implementation of projects.

D) Zonal Manager: - This comprises of whole country as zones at Southern, Northern, Western, North Eastern, Central respective.

E) Managing Director: at apex level.

With this I conclude my suggestions and I await your comments on the suggestions.


N.B :(The 18th A I C approved this proposal)