Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks to Viewers !

It is now two years over when we started a separate website for NAPE-Group'c' In these years we shared the informations with all our members and well wishers. In turn they have expressed their opinions and suggestions which are really helpful to assess the thinking of workforce at various levels.

We express our sincere thanks for the patronage extended by our viewers.


Anonymous said...

This website is very much useful.Please upgrade the website for easy access and attractive look.Pl. also make the site updated daily.I hope this will definitely be helpful to the viewers.
Thank U.

Rama Chandra Das

central govt employees news said...

Congratulations fist !!
Best of luck for the blog and hope to improve more on news.

M Muralidharan said...

The site has improved a lot. Still a lot more can be done.Please provide links to all other sites of National Unions and the Federation
Keep posting all latest developments
Wishing good luck-

Unknown said...

Our website is not only a platform of sharing information between Union and workers. Since it is viewed by many higher Officers it is a valuable medium that takes the employees' feelings to the Administration as well.

News published promptly in a precise and crisp manner is commendable and useful to all. I wish the service to continue for decades. All the best !

M. Senthil Rajan, Madurai.