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Government of lndia

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

(Department of Personnel and Training)

New Delhi 1 10001

16th November, 2009


Reference is invited to the Department of Personnel and Training (D0PT)'s Office Memorandum of even number dated the lgth May, 2009 regarding the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS).

Consequent upon the implementation of Sixth Pay Commissions recommendations, the four pre-revised Group 'D' pay scales viz., Rs.2550-3200, Rs.2610-3540, Rs.2610-4000 and Rs.2650-4000 have been upgraded and replaced by the revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs.1800 in the pay band PB-1. As per the recommendations of Sixth CPC, Government.servants in these four pre-revised Group 'D' scales have been granted the Group 'C' revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs.1800 in the pay band PB-1. It has been decided on the analogy of point-5 of Annexure-l of MACPS dated 19.05.2009 that promotions earned or upgradations granted under ACP Scheme of August,-1999 in the past to the four pay scales mentioned above, which now carry the grade pay of Rs.18001- shall be ignored for the purpose of MACPS. However, promotions/financial upgradations earned by existing Group 'D' employees to grade pay of Rs.1900 (pre-revised scale of Rs.3050-75-3590-80-4590) shall be counted for the purpose of MACPS.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks to Viewers !

It is now two years over when we started a separate website for NAPE-Group'c' In these years we shared the informations with all our members and well wishers. In turn they have expressed their opinions and suggestions which are really helpful to assess the thinking of workforce at various levels.

We express our sincere thanks for the patronage extended by our viewers.

Modification of GDS wage structure

1-1/RR- GDS                                                                                                                     dated 12.11.2009


The Dy. Director General (Estt.)

Department of Posts,

New Delhi 110 001

Ref: - Your letter No. EST/GDS/RSNM/Committee/08 dt. 16.10.09

In Para 2 of Annexure V of the above referred order it is stated that the respective Authorities shall fix the TRCA of all the GDS working under their jurisdiction with reference to their existing work load, Basic TRCA drawn as on 1-1-2006 and send the names of GDS with statement of fixation of TRCA as on 1-1-2006 as per given formula and also intimate the annual increases up to the date of issue of orders to the DDOs.

In this letter no orders were issued for fixation of the TRCA of those GDS officials who’s TRCA was revised after 1-1-2006. Some divisional heads interpreting the work “existing work load” as, work load as on date of revision i.e. after 1-1-2006 and fixing the new TRCA in the new slabs as per the work load, whether it may be 3rd, 4th or 5th. Some divisional heads are interpreting the same work, as work load as on 1-1-2006 and fixing the TRCA as per the TRCA drawn as on 1-1-2006 and allowing three increments and no refixation is being done on the date of revision in pre revised scale. If the intension of the Dept. is to fix TRCA as per the TRCA drawn as on 1-1-2006, there is no need to add the words existing work load.

This ambiguity needs to be removed and specific orders should be issued.

There must be specific orders, on how to fix the TRCA of those GDS officials whose TRCA was revised after 1-1-2006.


In para 2.1 it was stated as, the TRCA to GDS engaged on or after 1-1-2006 shall be fixed at the minimum of the revised TRCA slab from the date of their engagements. In para 3 it was stated as “the fixation will be done at the minimum of the New TRCA slab applicable as on their date of engagement. What is meant by slab applicable? Whether it is as per the work load of that post? If it is so, if the work load of a B.O.s is 125 points whether a new recruitee can be given minimum TRCA of the 5th Scale?

Orders without any ambiguity may be got issued.


Some BPMs are already stagnating in 1st TRCA. This is happening because some GDS SVs in pre revised 2nd scale were redeployed as BPMs with pay protection. After new fixation they are now at stagnation stage.


Till date the work load of the GDS is being calculated on the existing norms only. Many GDS BPMs TRCA is revised from 1st to 2nd TRCA after 1-1-2006 as the work load of NREGS is taking into calculation. As till date no norms are revised, all the GDS officials TRCA should be fixed based on the existing work load and there should not be any ceiling on pay slabs. Fixing of ceiling 3rd scale to BPMs is quite injustice.

If at all the Dept. implements new norms, the date of effect should be prospectively and not retrospective from 1-1-2006.

Yours Sincerely,



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GDS Problems

I met the DDG ( Estt.) today and discussed about the various GDS problems. He said that the department is also very much concerned about the GDS and actions are initiated to provide them with Social Security Scheme (like pension to departmental employees) and also considering proposal to give them medical benefits. He had assured to expedite the proposals.

1. The Department has got the proposals from the Provident fund Development authority and processing the pension as a Social Security scheme for GDS employees.

2. The issue of Health care scheme, the permission of health ministry is taken and it is under process.

3. The department is raising the incentives as detailed below:

(i) For RPLI and PLI proposals for a new Policy present Rs. 250 for one lakh policies will be increased to Rs.400 and per subsequent premium, the present incentive will be doubled. For RD, incentive will be introduced. All the GDS will be covered in these schemes.

4. The Department is finalizing the time factors for the RPLI and it will be same as of PLI time factor to the departmental employees. The SB Accounts of NREGS, the same time factor of the SB will be given. In respect of OAP Money Orders, the same time factor for the regular money orders will be given.

5. The GS argued about the fixation of TRCA on the revised scales as only the arrears were drawn on the basis of third scale. The DDG agreed to issue necessary clarificatory orders.

Filling up of HSG II Posts in Tamil Nadu Circle

Today, the General Secretary, NAPE-C met the DDG (P) and the Director (SPN) regarding the above subject and had a detailed discussion. They have agreed to fill up the unfilled HSG II posts . The officers, it is learnt had also spoken to the officer concerned in Tmail Nadu Circle. I have also contacted the concerned officer in the CPMG’s office in Tamil Nadu Circle and had a thorough discussion. He had assured to take action immediately and I hope that HSG II posts lying unfilled will be filled up.The GS also explained the experience of A.P. where the notional promotions were given even after 2002 which were cancelled thereafter. The GS argued that for the sake of disputed promotions they can not victimize the eligible officials waiting for the promotion and they will be penalized if their promotions are not considered before 31-12-2009.The Circle office is expected to issue orders immediately.

The CHQ conveys its thanks to Shri.C.Kumaran, Regional Secretary, NAPE Gr.C, Shri.V.Mohan, Secretary, NAPE-C, Coimbatore Division and Shri. M. Senthilrajan, NAPE-C, Madurai Division for having brought this issue to the notice of the CHQ.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

System Administrator's of U.P Circle - Seminar

One viewer had commented as to why the Union is not holding national level seminar to enable to share the views of the department with the System Adminisgtrators and the Unions view.  The matter was already taken up with the Department after we held a separate meeting of System Admi.nistrators of Kerala Circle and we had  revealed our stand through our journal.  The department is yet to respond officially and replied to us that it will consider the proposal when cadre restructuring proposal is taken up.  We are urging the department to convene a meeting regarding cadre restructure very early.  Once the department reveals its views, we feel that it would  be better to share the same with the System Administrators. 

In the U P Circle Seminar held on 08-11-2009 our proposal was totally endorsed by the System Administrators. We do not want to comment more on this viewer's comments in the website.

Abnormal delay in filling up of HSG II and HSG I posts in Tamil Nadu Circle

Sri. M. Senthilrajan, FNPO, P3, Madurai Division had made comments regarding the abnormal delay in filling up of the above posts.  He is requested to furnish the full details regarding the existing vacancies unfilled in the above cadres to the CHQ immediately to enable to take up the issue with the Postal Directorate.

= General Secretary

New Faces at UNI Head Office

UNI has some new faces in the Nyon office and some familiar faces in new positions.

Adriana Rosenzvaig has moved from the head of UNI Graphical & Packaging to the head of the new Strategic Campaigns, Organising and Education (SCORE) department. Steve Walsh is the new head of UNI Graphical. Steve comes from Australia where he was the National Secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union Printing Division. In the SCORE department, Adriana is joined by Nadine Rae and Olga Vinogradova. Nadine worked in India from January 2007-April 2009, coordinating an all India campaign to organise private security workers with UNI and two Indian national trade union centres. Olga formerly headed up UNI’s work in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In Property Services, Alice Dale has joined as head of sector and Nigel Venes is the organiser for the department. Alice was a local president and national officer in US union SEIU, working in Property Services, Healthcare and Public Services for over 20 years before joining UNI in June 2009. Nigel comes to UNI from the Public & Commercial Services Union in the UK where he was a national organiser since 2003.

“This is a new era for UNI as we move into the future with a strong plan to organise more workers and build their bargaining power,” said Adriana Rosenzvaig. “I am excited to be leading the SCORE department and to be working with new colleagues in both my department and in the sectors.”UNI has many new faces in the Nyon office that have joined in the last few years.

‘Don’t put the squeeze on workers!’ unions tell DHL

From the 9th to 13th of November, DHL employees and their unions are standing up to the company and demanding respect for their rights in the “Don’t put the squeeze on workers” campaign.

The global campaign for DHL workers has been organized by the International Transport Federation and UNI Post & Logistics. In dozens of cases in over 20 countries, DHL has sacked, harassed and intimidated workers for union activities. The attacks on workers’ rights and unions started long before the financial crisis but now DHL management has latched onto the crisis as an excuse for drastic cost cutting and victimizing its employees.

For example, in Germany, workers at the new Leipzig hub are paid so little they are entitled to government income subsidies. In South Africa, DHL has lost three court cases for wrongful sackings of union stewards. The unions are asking the public to send messages to DHL CEO.

Frank Appel urging him to respect workers’ rights.

Send a message at http://

Monday, November 9, 2009

Meeting with Secretary (Posts)

The Tamil Nadu Circle Vice President, NAPE Gr.C and Regional Secretary Western Region Shri.C.Kumaran and Shri.  V.Mohan, Divisional Secretary, NAPE Group 'C', Coimbatore Division met Secretary (Posts) Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy on 24.10.09 at Coimbatore and submitted the following subjects.  The Secretary said that she will look into the problems and assured to do the needful in the matter.

1. Construction of a Community Hall in the department owned site at Sanganur- Koundampalayam, Coimbatore.  There are acres of land owned by the department lying idle during the last 20 years at Sanganur near Koundampalayam.  Therefore, my Union requests that a community hall may be constructed in the site for the welfare of staff.  A city like Coimbatore where rent for the community hall is very high and not affordable to the working class.  Hence, it will be very useful for the staff if community hall is constructed at early at the above site.

2. Division-wise Technology cell may be constituted among academic computer qualified officials to ensure minimum maintenace of computrers in all computerized Post Offices.  They may be equipped with all type of training including refilling of ribbon/cartridge and blow air cleaning of computrer equipments in all officers periodically instead of AMC.

3. Mileage allowance may be granted to the System Administrators to the actual distance travelled by them for the purpose instead of fixing 200 Kms per month.  In big cities where more computerized offices are attended by them needs to travel more than the prescribed limit.

4. Fast Track Promotion : Govt. has issued orders to fill up all LSG, HSG II and HSG I posts immediately on ad-hoc basis.  In almost all other Circles all FTP officials are working in HSG II and HSG I posts whereas in Tamil Nadu Circle nearly 100 officials are waiting for HSG II postings although there are sufficient number of vacancies kept unfilled.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

System Administrator's of U.P Circle - Seminar

The System Administrator's who are members of NAPE Group C of U.P Circle have convened a Seminar on 8th November
2009 at Sultanpur.  The General Secretary, NAPE Group C is the Chief Guest.

We have already submitted our views on the subject to the Postal Directorate which was also published in our monthly Journal Postal Sentinel.  In the meantime we held series of discussions with the officers concerned.  We demanded separate scale of pay and the existing system administrators be absorbed in that cadre.  The department said that it would consider our proposal at the time of  cadre restructuring discussions.

The CHQ is pursuing this issue vigarously.