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  1. Canadian Government - Canada Post Corporation Report

01 May 2009 by Press Release - ©


The Honourable Rob Merrifield, Minister of State (Transport), today shared the report of the independent review of the Canada Post Corporation.


"Canada Post provides a fundamental public service to Canadians. I am pleased to make the review report available to the public," said Minister Merrifield.


"The advisory panel that undertook the review has provided a thoughtful and comprehensive report to the government and it is being carefully analyzed."


The independent review was conducted in 2008. Its purpose was to make sure Canada Post has the tools and means to continue to fulfill its mandate, which is to provide affordable, universal postal service to Canadians. During the course of its review, the advisory panel met with stakeholders, associations, unions and other interested parties. It also received thousands of submissions from Canadians.


The report is now available online, in both official languages, at:


On April 21, 2008, the Government of Canada announced the review of Canada Post, which was conducted by a three-member external, independent advisory panel, chaired by Dr. Robert Campbell with members Mrs. Nicole Beaudoin and Mr. Dan Bader.


The purpose of the review was to examine Canada Post's public policy objectives, its ability to remain financially self-sustaining, and the continued relevancy of the financial performance targets established by the government in 1998.


The advisory panel focused its review on four major areas: market and competition; public policy objectives and responsibilities; commercial activities; and financial and performance targets.


During the course of its work, the panel consulted with a broad range of stakeholders from across Canada, including Canada Post and their unions, customers and competitors, industry associations, and federal departments and agencies. The general public also participated by providing over 1,400 submissions, and sending over 23,500 postcards and documents to the panel by mail and e-mail.


Canada Post was created as a Crown corporation in 1981 as the successor to the Post Office Department of Canada. Canada Post's mandate is to provide affordable, universal postal service to Canadians on a financially self-sustaining basis. The corporation contributes to Canadian society and to Canada's economy as an enabler of business activity. It fulfils these roles by providing Canadians with the tools to communicate, transact business and interact with governments in a timely, accessible and affordable manner.


Canada Post offers a variety of traditional and innovative services to connect Canadians. It is a public institution with a workforce of over 70,000 employees. It processes over 11 billion pieces of mail per year and maintains a network of 6,600 post offices in urban, rural and remote locations across Canada.

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