Friday, April 17, 2009

Reverification of Membership


(xi). The Heads of Circles will send the consolidated statement to SR Section, Department of Posts in the Proforma at Annexure IV by 22.06.09 and display its one copy on Notice Board on the same day. The Circles will ensure that the information in respect of all Divisional Heads has been included in the statement. The concemed Service Associations will also be endorsed the statement referred to above.

4. Generally the Service Associations had a grievance that the Drawing & Disbursing Officers maintain a soft comer for the Association to which they belong (ed). Aggrieved with this, Bharatiya Postal Employees Union f1led Writ Petition Nos. 4704 to 4707 of 1999 in the High Court of Judicature at Madras. Agreeing with the view point of the Petitioner Union, the Hon 'hIe High Court directed the Department of Posts to entrust the verification process to an independent officer in the rank of Divisional Superintendent who will scrutinize the option/authorization form in the presence of one representative from each of the Union. The above directions of High Court, Madras are to be complied with scrupulously. The Heads of Circles will see to it that absolute transparency is observed in carrying out the reverification process and it is conducted in a free and fair manner. In case any irregularity is noticed on the part of any officials / officer, a serious view in the matter be taken and prompt action may be initiated by the competent Disciplinary/Administrative Authorities. Further all Heads of Circles will nominate a senior officer of the Circle (of the level of JAG or above), who will be responsible for attending to complaints and settlement of disputes arising in carrying out the verification process. ,.

5. The terms 'Drawing & Disbursing Officer', as mentioned above, means only such authority in charge of the work of drawing pay and allowances for an employee.

6. In terms of instructions issued by Department of Personnel & Training vide a.M. No. 2/13/98-JCA dated 11.02.2002, the recognition of service associations granted as a sequel to this exercise shall be valid for a period of five years from the date of issue of order granting recognition.

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