Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ADR for the years 2006 and 2007

Though the Department had released ADR vacancies for the year 2008, it has not taken steps to fill up ADR vacancies for the years 2006 and 2007. The CHQ urged the department to take action to fill up the vacancies of those two years also. The Department will now approach Finance Ministry to accord permission for revival of these vacancies and then take action to fill up the same. Let us hope for the best.

Financial up gradation to BCR cadre

It is learnt that the court has ordered that up gradation to BCR cadre should be given effect to on completion of 26 years of service and not from 1st July. The file is with the law ministry. Orders are expected soon.

Filling up of HSG I vacant posts in relaxation of the recruitment rules

It is learnt that the DoP&T has accorded permission to fill up the HSG I vacant posts by relaxing the recruitment rules. This means that officials working in HSG II on regular basis though they have not completed three years of service in that cadre will be promoted to HSG I vacant posts purely as one time measure. The Department is likely to issue orders in couple of days.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Letter Of Authorisation

Use this letter of authorization by downloading and submit.

Best Wishes,
D. Kishan Rao
General Secretary

Friday, April 17, 2009

Reverification of Membership

No. 13/04/2007-SR


Government of India Ministry of Communications & IT Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan, Sansd Marg, New Delhi-l1000l.

Dated - 17th April, 2009.


1.     All Heads of Postal Circle,

2.     All Postmasters General,

3.     Director of Postal Staff College, Ohaziabad (UP)

4.     COM, PLI Directorate, Chankyapuri PO, New Delhi

5.     CGM, BD & M Directorate, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi

6.     DDG (PAF)/Chief Engineer (Civil)j ADG (Admn), Department of


7.     Postmaster General, Foreign Mails, Mumbai.

8.     All Directors, Postal Training Centres.

9. Directors Foreign Mails, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi 10.All DirectorsjDy. Directors of Accounts (Postal).

11.All Service Associations

12.DOP&T, JCA Section, North Block, New Delhi


Subject: -


CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993- Re-verification of membership for recognition of Service Association - Procedure regarding.


I am directed to refer to the Department;s letter of even number dated 29th August, 2008 on the above-mentioned subject vide which instructions were issued to observe the interim stay granted by Hon 'hIe High Court of Judicature at Madras in WP No. 11490 of 2008 and MP No.2 of 2008 filed by All India RMSjMMS Assistant Superintendent and Inspectors Association represented by its General Secretary, Shri M. Mohanarangam.

2. The Hon 'hIe High Court of Judicature at Madras in Writ Petition Nos. 4704 to 4707 of 1999 filed by Bharatiya Postal Employees Union in the matter of re-verification of membership of service associations directed the Department of Posts as under :-

'We direct the respondents, in order to follow and maintain principles of natural justice, to entrust the verification process towards recognition of the trade unions, to an independent officer in the rank of Divisional Superintendent and scrutinize the optionj authorization forms in the presence of one representative from each of the unions'.

3. With the issue of the aforesaid directions by the Hon 'hIe High Court, the interim order of stay granted in Writ Petition No. 11490 of 2008 and MP No. 2 of 2008, has become in-fructuous. In the wake of the above directions passed by the Hon 'hIe High Court, Madras, the process of re­verification of membership for recognition of service associations will now be started as follows:-


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Reverification of Membership


(i) (a) Every employee desiring to be a member of service Association will give a letter of authorization in writing, addressed to the DDG in the prescribed Proforma (Annexure-II) (bearing the signature of Director (SR & Legal) for deduction of subscription from his pay. The letter of authorization is to be sent through the applicant Service Association to which the membership is sought, so as to reach the Drawing and Disbursing Officer concerned on or before 15-05-09, who in turn will pass on the authorization letters to the Divisional Head for scrutiny. Any authorization given through a non-applicant association will be ignored. The Associations will also submit to the Divisional Head a list of members in triplicate duly signed by the authorized office bearer on each page of list by 20.05.09 At this stage, the Divisional Head will scrutinize the letters of authorization in the presence of one representative from each of the Union. This job will be completed by 25.05.2009. Mter scrutiny, the Divisional Head will transfer the letters of authorizations alongwith list of members to the Drawing and Disbursing Officers.

(b) On receipt of the above documents, Drawing & Disbursing Officers will return one list to the authorized office bearer duly acknowledging the receipt of lists in duplicate and also the authorization letters. Drawing & Disbursing Officers will display one copy of each set of lists on the notice board from 27.05.09 to 29.05.09.

(c) In case an employee has given authorization in favour of more than one applicant Association, it will be treated as invalid and will not be counted for any Association.

(d) An individual employee, whose name has been included in more than one Associations' List exhibited on the Notice Board, may, if he so desires, submit a representation, to the Divisional Head by 02.06.09. The employee concemed must specifically indicate in the representation with supporting material, if any, that he has given the authorization in favour of a specific Association (Name must be given) and the authorization in favour of the other Association (Name must be given) is fake one. The Divisional Head on his part will scrutinize the authorization given by the employee and in case he fmds that the authorization was not genuine, he may delete his name from the concerned list under intimation to the concemed Association and allow it to be included in the list, the employee genuinely chooses. Trade union facilities of such authorized office bearer who signed the fakejfabricatedjnon-genuine authorization would be withdrawn till the next verification process. However, if on scrutiny by the Divisional Head, both the authorizations are found to be authentic given by the employee, both the authorizations would be treated as invalid and the employees concerned would not be allowed to become member of any Association till the next verification process. No representation received after 02.06.09 will be entertained. Here it may be pertinent to mention for information of the member employees of various service associations that issuing authorization letter in favour of more than one service association is against the spirit of the general instructions on the subject and creates obstruction in the way of recognition of genuine and deserving associations. Therefore, the practice may be avoided under all circumstances.

(ii). The letters of authorization received through Service Associations be grouped category jDesignation-wise and filed securely in guard fIles b) Drawing & Disbursing Officers. The Drawing & Disbursing Officer will note


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down the details of the authorizations in a register, the format of which is indicated in Annexure-III. The serial number in Annexure III should also be marked on the authorization letter placed in the guard file, duly authenticated by Divisional Head.

(iii) (a) All the Drawing & Disbursing Officers will start making monthly recovery from the employees who authorize such recovery out of their pay, from the salary for the month of June, 2009 payable on 30.06.09.

(b) Recovery of subscriptions being made in respect of Service Associations on the pasis of old authorization will stop after May, 2009 salary (payable on 31.05.09) except for All India Association of Postal Supervisors (GL) as in their case, as per the directions of the Hon'ble High Court, Delhi in CWP No. 1827/97, status-quo is to be maintained till the case is heard.

(iv). Drawing & Disbursing Officer shall make recovery of monthly subscription from pay in favour of a particular Association every month.

(v). An extract from the register in duplicate will be handed over to the Cashier for making necessary entries in the acquittance roll (ACG 24) of the month concerned. A suitable column in the acquittance roll. Viz. 'Membership/Subscription to Service Association' may be opened to record the deduction separately. The deduction made by the Cashier through acquittance roll will be 'Out-of-account' transactions of the Government account.

(vi). Drawing & Disbursing Officer after making the deductions will remit the amount to the Divisional Secretary of the concemed Association who, in turn, will remit this amount to the All India, Circle etc. as per the quota fIxed in their respective constitutions. There is no objection if the membership subscription is remitted to the Circle/Central body of the Association for further distribution, provided such a provision is made in the constitution of the Association. The total deductions and total number of persons covered by the amount remitted should also be specilled.

(vii). Remittance to the Association should on no account be made by means of Service Money Orders.

(viii). The amount collected by Sub/Branch Offices at the time of disbursement of Pay & Allowances to the staff employed in those office and kept out-of account shall be sent to the Head Post Office in the daily account duly entered on the back with the remarks 'List of out of account' attached. The amount should be put in a separate cover.

(ix.). Divisional Head will ensure that work relating to verifIcation and its compilation is completed by 12.06.09 and is reported to the Heads of Circles with details of the total number of persons belonging to each of the Service Associations in the Proforma as per Annexure-IV and one copy of Annexure IV is displayed on the notice board on the same day.

(xl. Divisional Head will ensure that while counting total strength in respect of a particular category, total employees actually working and eligible for being included in that category may be taken into account. They should not report the total number of sanctioned posts.


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Reverification of Membership


(xi). The Heads of Circles will send the consolidated statement to SR Section, Department of Posts in the Proforma at Annexure IV by 22.06.09 and display its one copy on Notice Board on the same day. The Circles will ensure that the information in respect of all Divisional Heads has been included in the statement. The concemed Service Associations will also be endorsed the statement referred to above.

4. Generally the Service Associations had a grievance that the Drawing & Disbursing Officers maintain a soft comer for the Association to which they belong (ed). Aggrieved with this, Bharatiya Postal Employees Union f1led Writ Petition Nos. 4704 to 4707 of 1999 in the High Court of Judicature at Madras. Agreeing with the view point of the Petitioner Union, the Hon 'hIe High Court directed the Department of Posts to entrust the verification process to an independent officer in the rank of Divisional Superintendent who will scrutinize the option/authorization form in the presence of one representative from each of the Union. The above directions of High Court, Madras are to be complied with scrupulously. The Heads of Circles will see to it that absolute transparency is observed in carrying out the reverification process and it is conducted in a free and fair manner. In case any irregularity is noticed on the part of any officials / officer, a serious view in the matter be taken and prompt action may be initiated by the competent Disciplinary/Administrative Authorities. Further all Heads of Circles will nominate a senior officer of the Circle (of the level of JAG or above), who will be responsible for attending to complaints and settlement of disputes arising in carrying out the verification process. ,.

5. The terms 'Drawing & Disbursing Officer', as mentioned above, means only such authority in charge of the work of drawing pay and allowances for an employee.

6. In terms of instructions issued by Department of Personnel & Training vide a.M. No. 2/13/98-JCA dated 11.02.2002, the recognition of service associations granted as a sequel to this exercise shall be valid for a period of five years from the date of issue of order granting recognition.

Yours faithfully,




Subasha Chander Director (SR & Legal)


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Reverification of Membership

ANNEXURE-I (File No. 13/04/2007-SR)






Employees eligible to

Name of the applicant association



be. included in this














Group 'c'

All Group 'c' Postal

1. All India Postal Employees



staff excluding

Union Group 'c'



Postmen and

2. National Union of Postal



members of

Employees Group 'C'



Supervisors (GL)

3. Bharatiya Postal Employees




Union Class III


Group 'c' RMS

All Group 'c' staff in

1. All India RMS & MMS Employees


including MMS


Union Group 'c'



excluding Mail

2. National Union of RMS & MMS




Employees Group 'c'




3. Bharatiya RMS & MMS




Employees Union Class. III


Group 'D' Postal

All Group 'D' Postal

1. All India Postal Employees Union



staff including

Postmen & Group 'D'




2. National Union of Postal




Employees Postmen & Group 'D'




3. Bharatiya Postal Employees




Union Postmen & Group 'D'




4.A11 India Postal Group 'D'




Employees Union


Group 'D' (RMS

All Group 'D' staff in

1. All India RMS & MMS Employees


& MMS)


Union Mail Guards & Group 'D'


including Mail

including Mail

2. National Union of RMS




Employees Mail Guards & Group 'D'




3. Bharatiya RMS & MMS




Employees Union Mail Guard &






Circle Office

As in column 2


All India Postal Administrative




Offices' Employees Union Group 'c'


staff (Group 'C"




& 'D'



All India Postal Administrative




Offices Association (FNPO)





Bharatiya Postal Administrative




Offices Employees Union





All India Postal Administrative




Offices Association (Non Affiliated)


Postal Civil

As in Col. 2

1. National Union of Postal Civil


Wing (Group 'c'


Wing Non-gazetted employees


& 'D) including


2. Bhartiya Postal Civil Wing non-


Jr Engineers


gazetted Employees Union




3. All India Postal Civil Wing




Employees Association


Postal Accounts

As in Col. 2

1. All India Postal Accounts




Employees Association


(Group C & D)


2. Bharatiya Postal Accounts Offices


including Jr.


Employees Association Gr. 'c' & 'D'




3.All India Postal Accounts Offices







All Grades of SBeO

1. All India Postal SBea Employees








2.All India Savings Bank Control




Employees Union




3. Indian Postal SBeO Staff






PSS Group 'B'

Only PSS Officers

Postal Officers' Association (India)



(officers promoted




from Gr. B to A are




also eligible)




As in Col.2

All India Postal Officer's (Accounts)



(JAOs and officials




promoted to Gr. A




are not eligible)




Only IPO and ASPOs

I.All India Association of Inspectors




and Assistant Superintendents








2.Al1 India RMS Assistant




Superintendent & Inspectors






Mail Motor

Mail Motor Service &

1. All India Mail Motor Service


Service Officers

Postal Machine

Officers Association







All stenographers

All India Postal Stenographers







All Supervisors

In this regard para 3 (iii) (b) of the


(General Line)


letter refers.







TBOP JBCR officials



Indian Postal

All IPS Group 'A'

Indian Postal Service Association










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