Friday, March 6, 2009

Implementation of GDS Committee Recommendations

Almost all the Branches of the GDS Union have expressed their anguish to this CHQ over the delay in implementing the GDS Committee recommendations and expressed their apprahension that since Lok Sabha election schedules were annouonced, it may take another two to three months for the Department to implement the recommendations of the GDS Committee.
The Secretary General, FNPO met the Secretary, Dept. of Posts on 26th Feb.'09 who assured that the code of conduct of elections will not prevent them to implement the recommendations.
Therefore, we feel, that the Department may implement the recommendations as soon as the same is approved by the Cabinet.


Unknown said...

Can we believe this? The election code of conduct cannot effect the implementation! Our Collegues are very much disastisfied with the way of affairs and abnormous delay in implementing besides Bonus recovery orders. Memebres are in sad state and this will definetely effect the organisation strengths.Suryanarayana Anakapalle,A.P

M Muralidharan said...

The DG(P) has no power whatsoever on the implementation of GDS committee recommendations-and not even the Hon.Min (Communications).The financial advisor of the Dept.himself can put the report in cold storage and what if the nodal ministries like DOP & T and Finance delay their decisions further.Our not sincere in their efforts as far as employees welfare are concerned and we can give a number of examples.They preach one thing and do the opposite.They are taking us for a ride.We have become too vulnerable to their designs and are not in a position to assert ourselves.How long we can hold like this ? The GDS are restive.There wont be any relief till the election process is over and a new Govt.installed.Even after that every thing will depend only on the bureaucrats of the nodal Ministries and our own Dept.rather than on the new Communication Minister and the new Finance Minister.We will be at the square one.Again a new round of talks,struggles,demonstrations and even a strike ? May God save the GDS.


divyesh said...

sir can u tell me about recent devlopment regarding this i heard that hon'ble DG will be arranged meeting with our union leader to discuss about GDS committe recommendations