Sunday, January 4, 2009

Problems notified by NUPE-C for a discussion with the Dept.of Posts through S.G., FNPO

In accordance with the resolution adopted in the 18th All India Conference held at Ambaji from 28th to 31st December 2008 on the Policy & Programme, the following problems are sent to S.G., FNPO with a request to notify the same for discussion to be held shortly with the Department of Posts.

Application of benchmark in the AC R for promotion to LSG, HSG II and HSG I cadre.

Some of the Divisional Heads are noting ‘average’ in the ACRs of the officials The officials are able to know this remark when his promotion is refused on account of this remark. The official appeals to the next higher authority who happens to be Director of Postal Services who also happens to be the reviewing authority. The Directors are neither responding nor reviewing the ACRs. The Reviewing Authorities may be instructed suitably to render justice in these cases.

2. Grant of officiating pay to LSG officials who are officiating in HSG II short term vacancies and also for HSG II officials who are officiating in HSG I in short term vacancies.
The officiating pay is denied to the officials on the ground that they have not fulfilled the recruitment rules. For short term officiating vacancies application of this rule is unjustified. They may be granted officiating pay as per FR 56 immediately

3. Filling up of HSG I posts by relaxing recruitment rules as a one time measure.
Large number of HSG I posts are unfilled on the ground that the HSG II officials have not completed three years of service. Hence it is requested that the HSG I posts be filled up by relaxing the recruitment rules again for a specific period.

4. Posting of APM Accounts (LSG) as per 1976 recruitment rules.
The rule prescribed for posting of APM accounts in Volume IV is not amended and it is also not advisable to modify the same now. Hence it is requested that the unfilled APM Accounts in the LSG cadre be filled up as per the existing rules. (Year of passing)
5. Filling up of residual vacancies delinking the same with the ACR.
In spite of the order of the Directorate, some Circles like A.P are not filling up the residual vacancies from the year 1999 – 2000. The vacancies should be filled up immediately.

6. Avoidance of deputation of Postal Assistants in the Regional and Circle Offices.
All the Post Offices are working with acute shortage of staff and huge volume of day to day work are kept pending as the same could not be completed on the day even by ordering OTA. In such a condition some P.As and in some case LSG official are taken to the Regional/Circle Office on deputation almost for several years. The Divisional Office, Regional Office and the Circle Offices are working with full strength and not shouldering additional work where as the operative offices who are dealing with members of Public are working with depleted strength which results in unbearable burden on the P.As.
Hence all may be suitably instructed to send back the P A’s on deputation immediately to the Post Offices.

7. Withdraw orders discriminating FTP LSG officials and other LSG officials.
The order issued by the Directorate that FTP LSG officials should be posted to Delivery Offices has caused innumerable problems to the staff. The officials were disturbed in the middle of the academic year and the officials who were disturbed feels hurt even though they performed very well in the delivery offices. The discrimination created by the Department created unrest amongst the officials. Hence it is requested to withdraw this order.

8. Withdraw the orders fixing responsibility on D.D.Os / APM Accounts for the over payment of Pay & Allowances to Postman on account of Fixation under R.P. Rules.
The Department should have gone on appeal in this case and recovered the excess amount from the officials. Instead, the department just to penalize and harass the DDOs/Accountants issued order of recovery from them. This is ridiculous and needs to be withdrawn
9. Counting of special Allowance for pay fixation case of PO & RMS Accountants.
The issue is pending for the last so many years. The special allowance granted to the PO & RMS Accountants should be taken for fixation of pay as was done earlier.

10. Withdraw the condition in tenure posting of Single & Double handed offices.
The order issued by the Directorate has caused hardships to many officials who are not allowed to work in the above offices again after their completion of tenure in another office. Many officials have to be posted to very far away offices and the Administration also finds it difficult to fill up the above offices when there are no volunteers. Hence the order is to be withdrawn immediately.

11. Revision of FSC to Post offices & Enhancement of honorarium for RD PMC work in Sub Offices, Department Exam invigilation work etc.

12. Fixing incentive to RPLI, IMT Pass Port applications, NRGEIS, other business activities etc
Though it was assured on 19.4.07, the same has not been implemented. Hence it is urged to fix the incentive immediately.

13. Creation of Systems Manager/Administrators Posts & Marketing Executives. Grant of SPL pay and grant of Road mileage Allowance without restrictions. Trainers Allowance for imparting training Norms be fixed for Systems Administrators uniformly to all Circles; providing mobile phones, Fixing duties & responsibilities of their work.

14. Allotment of adequate funds to clear all pending personal claims like OTA, TA medical etc. pending since 2002-03.
15.Spot payment of incentive to SPM/BPM for procuring RPLI business. Grant of incentive for schedule work / verification of commission bills in accounts branch. Grant of incentive instead of Honorarium for PLI work in Divisional Offices without RPLI ceiling lmit.

16. Drawal of SB Allowances to all working in SB branches on computers

17. Refund of Fee for appearing AMFI (Association of Mutual Fund industry) Exam to all candidates.

18. JAO Qualified be regularized in DOT by agreeing to the proposal for common cadre.

19. Stop harassing staff on contributory factors for simple and flimsy reasons by misusing the provision of unbecoming of Government Servant deviating the rulings contained in Volume III.FHB, etc.
20. Stop fixing impractical target to Marketing Activities.
Now impracticable targets are fixed without consulting the Marketive Executives and they find it very difficult to achieve the target. Hence it is suggested that with consultation of the M E’s the target may be fixed.

21. Sanction of justified staff to all Post Offices.
After the introduction of Project Arrow scheme, the situation has become from bad to worse. It is now ordered that Project Arrow Post Offices should function with full strength. This has resulted that the staff of the Post Offices other than Project Arrow Post Offices are put into great hardship to shoulder unbearable workload and unable to complete the day to day work. Most of the officials are not able to avail leave even for fulfilling family obligations. Hence, it is urged that justified staff be provided to all the Post Offices immediately as we have already abolished 10% of posts in the direct recruitment quota.


sudhir verma said...

The issue of System Administrative is not taken by the Union despite so many difficulties faced by this class of Post Offices. The position is worst at Head Post Offices as they are not only ordered to look for the mechanical works as well as clerical without any justification. All the field officials like ME, PRO & inspectors has not assigned any clerical duties where as the system managers are totaly burdened with work.

NAPE Group-C said...

I think you are not reading our journal wherein we have highlighted the problems of the system administrators and sought for separate cadre with enhanced pay.

Anonymous said...