Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meeting with Offices Committee

The S.G, FNPO, G.S., NUGDS and G.S., NUPE PM & Gr.D met the group of officers who were appointed to examine the report submitted by Sri.R.S.Natraja Murthy, Chairman, GDS Committee to day. The officers committee agreed to consider the following modifications:
1. Wage structure - Pro rata wages on par with the Departmental employees.
2. To open a B.O for a minimum of 4 hours.
3. Bunching increment
4. Pay fixation formula may be TRCA as on 1.1.2006 X 1.86 + Fitmen (if any).
5. Social security scheme instead of pension.
6. Increase in Gratuity.
7. Compassionate appointment.
8. Introduction of minimum penalties.
The Committee agreed our views on the following issues:
1. P L B will continue.
2. DA present formula will continue.
3. Transfer facilities to the GDS employees- the present procedure will continue.
4. Medical facilities
5. Maternity leave for female GDS employees - 3 months.
6. Trade Union facilities.
7. To increase Office Maintenance Allowance.
The Committee die not express their opinion on the following issues :
The Committee may submit its report by the end of this month. After this meeting, the delegation met the Secretary, Dept. of Posts and requested her to conisder the modifications sought by FNPO, favorably.