Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Staff Side Meeting with Member (P) on 16.09.2008

The meeting was held on 16.9.2008 at Dak Bhawan. Staff Side consisting of FNPO & NFPE participated in the meeting.

1. The Department is agreeable to introduce ACP in the Dept. of Posts. The Department asked the staff side to give letter in writing agreeing for the ACP.

2. Group C cadre restructuring - The Department asked the staff side to submit a Note on the subject before the end of this month.

3. Supervisory Allowance - The Department will consider this issue in the course of cadre restructuring.

4. System Administrators - The department will consider favorably higher scale of pay.

5. PO & RMS Accountant - Separate scale of pay demanded. But the Department is not in favour.

6. Change of nomenclature Treasurers as Cashiers : The department is not in favor of changing the designation.

7.Artisan scale of pay :- This will be considered by the Anomaly Committee .

The Department will shortly form Anomaly Committee in the Department of Posts.