Monday, September 15, 2008

Staf Side Meeting with Member (P) on 16.09.2008

The Department has called for a meeting with the Staff Side (FNPO & NFPE) on 16th September 2008 to consider the recommendations of 6th CPC and other allied matters. The FNPO and NFPE General Secfretaries are participating in the meeting.
The NUPE-C will demand implementation of the ACP scheme in the Dept. of Posts already accepted by the Govt.
The NUPE-C will demand better pay scale for System Administrators and Marketing Executives.
The NUPE-C will demand that LSG APM Accounts should be filled up on Circle basis and on the basis of year of passing of PO & RMS Accountants Examination. Though the recruitment rules are not amended or modified, many Circles violated this rule.
The NUPE-C will also demand cadre restructuring in respect of Group C employees.
The NUPE-C will support if department proposes filling up of supervisory posts seventy percent by seniority and 30% by examination.
Other details will be furnished after the meeting is over.