Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meeting with Secretary (Posts)

Today Sri.D. Theagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO and Sri.Muralidaran, G.S.,NUGDS met Ms. Radhika Duraiswamy, Secretary, Dept. of Posts and discussed various problems with her. The Secretary said that the Postal Board has decided to appoint pensioners as short duty P.As to manage the shortage staff in the Post Offices. She said that ED Committee report will also be made available before 20th September 2008. When the NUGDS General Secretary insisted that better facilities and decent pay should be given to GDS employees, she said that what is possible within her competency will be done and advised both the SG and the GS to meet Shri.R.S.Natarajamurty, Chairman of the ED Committee and put forth their demands. Both of them said that they had already met the Chairman ED Committee on the 27th Aug.08 and apprised of him the problems of the GDS Employees. The Chairman had also assured yesterday that once the Govt. issues order on the 6th CPC, the GDS Commiittee would also be able to finalise its report within September 2008.
The Secretary also said that the department had dropped the proposal of change of nomenclalture of RMS mooted out by the former Secretary.
It is hoped that the Govt. would issue order on the 6th CPC tomorrow.