Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PS Group B Examination Results

No. A-34013/01/2008-DE dated the New Delhi, the 1 August 2008
Sub:- Result of the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of PS Group 'B' for the accumulated vacancies for the period 2003 - 06 held on 16th & 17th February, 2008.
I am directed to enclosed herewith two lists containing (i) Names of candidates arranged in the order of merit who have been selected for appointment as Postal Service Group 'B" Officers on the basis of results of the Departmental Examination, 2003 - 06 for promotion to the cadre of Postal Service Group 'B' held on 16th & 17th February, 2008 (Annexure-I) and (ii) Tabulation sheet in respect of all candidates who have appeared for PS Group 'B' Examination, 2003 - 06 (Annexure- II).
2. It is informed that the names of the candidates and their Roll numbers have been shown on the basis of information furnished by the concerned Circles. In case any mistake in the names of the candidates is noticed later on, the same may please be corrected and the corrections may be intimated to this office. In case later on, it is found that any of the selected candidate (s) was not eligible to take the Examination under the existing rules or instructions on the subject for any other reasons or in case any mistake is found later on with regard to announcement of the result of any candidate for any reason whatsoever, his/her name will be deleted from the list of successful candidates, as the case may be. This result is also subject to any change in the merit list of selected candidates due to future re totaling and verification of answer books or any reason In accordance with the existing rules and instructions.
3. The Heads of the concerned Circles are requested to finalize the disciplinary cases etc. against the provisional candidates as early as possible and such cases need not be kept pending except in very exceptional and unavoidable circumstance so that the provisional candidates may not have to wait for the result in ordinarily. The concerned Circles are, therefore, requested to take necessary action immediately failing which necessary action may be taken against the concerned officer/official responsible for the delay in terms of the Directorate's letter No. 7 0 1/92- DE dt. 16.04.1992.
4. The results of the examination are subject to the outcome of the pending cases in various Courts. In this connection, the orders of High Court of Orissa, Cuttack not to declare results in respect of 8 vacancies of the General Line till the outcome of the W.P. No. 4095/2008 have been complied with.
5. It is clarified that the names of the candidates have been arranged in the order of merit except those who have secured equal marks and whose names have been clubbed showing respective serial number in the merit list. Staff Branch of the Directorate shall fix their place in the merit list according to their seniority.
6. It is requested to circulate the tabulation sheet (Annexure-II) to all the candidates free of cost. In future applications for re totalling and verification submitted by the candidates should only be sent to this office with prescribed fee within the stipulated time as per existing rules. Applications received after the expiry of stipulated date will not be entertained.
7. Hindi version will follow later.
sd/- (L. Mohan Rao)
Assistant Director General
General Line
No. of Vacancies OC 22 SC 4 ST3 Total 29
No. of candidates selected 2 0 0 2
S.No. Roll No. with Circle Index Letter Name of the Candidate Category Marks secured
1. UK -19/Genl./07 Girish Chandra Pant OC 59 77 77 64
2. AP/GL/GRB/4/03-06 A. Sesha Giri Rao OC 50 81 79 50

Extension granted to GDS Committee

The Govt. has granted three months extension of time to submit its report i. e., upto 25th October 2008.

Group B Exam Results

The results are announced