Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reverification of Membership

Subject:- Verification of Membership for recognition of Service Associations under CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993- Grant of interim stay till 18.6.2008 in regard to all proceedings pursuant to the issue of the Department’s letter No. 13/4/2007 – SR dated 28.02.2008 – Restart thereof

I am directed to refer to the Department’s letter No. 9/2/2008 – SR dated 27.5.2008 on the above mentioned subject and to say that the interim stay granted by the Hon’ble High Court was in operation till 18.06.2008. Thereafter, there has been no order from the Hon’ble Court in this regard and therefore, the stay is deemed to have been vacated. The verification process which had to be suspended because of the Court’s stay order may be restarted and completed as per schedule indicated below:
1. Last date of submission of letter of authorization along with list of members in triplicate by the applicant setvice associations to the DDO's. Existing Schedule : 10.6.2008. Revised Schedule 30.6.2008.
2. List to be displayed by DOs on Notice Board. Existing Schedule : 11.6.2008 to 20.6.2008.
Revised Schedule : 01.7.2008 to 10.7.2008.
3. Last date for submission of representation, if any, by individual members to the DDOs.
Existng Schedule: 21.6.2008. Revised Schedule 11.7.2008.
4. Deduction of association subscription. Existing Schedule : To start from the salary of month of June, 2008 payable on 30.6.2008. Revised Schedule: To start from the salary of month of July, 2008 payable on 31.7.2008.
5. Submission of reports by DDOs to all Heads of Circles and its display on the Notice Board.
Existng Schedule : 10.7.2008. Revised Schedule : 11.8.2008.
6. Furnishing of consolidatged statements by Heads of Circles to SR Section of the Deprtment of Posts and its display on the Notice Board. (The concerned service associations will also be endorsed with the statement referred to abov e). Existng Schedule : 25. 7. 2008. Revised Schedule 25.8.2008
7. Compilation of the information and putting up for approval of the competent authority. Existing Schedule : 30.7.2008. Revised Schedule : 1.09.2008.
All otgher terms and conditins contained in the Department's letter of even number dated 26.3.2008 remain unchanged.
sd/ (Subash Chander)
Director (SR & Legal)