Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I am overwhelmed over the receipt of thanks messages and letters from LSG officials of Postal and RMS side who are awaiting HSG II promotion on completion of three years of service for taking up the issue of inordinate and motivated delay by the Tamilnadu Circle Administration in convening the DPC for selection to HSG II cadre with the Secretary, Dept. of Posts.
I have done my duty and shall continue to do the same till we achieve our goal. This issue will be pursued vigorously on receipt of feed back from all of you.

I appeal all of you to strengthen the organization which alone will help us to overcome the ordeals imposed by the Administration.

= General Secretary, NUPE Gr.’C’, New Delhi.

Sri. C. Rangarajan suggested to the Prime Minister to deposit arrears of pay in P.F

As a measure to cushion the inflationary impact of the Sixth Pay Commission, the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (EAC) has opined that while implements its recommendations, the government should pay the employees in a phased manner and park a part of the estimated Rs.18,000 crore arrears in their provident fund accounts.
The EAC headed by the former Reserve Bank Governor, C.Rangarajan, has suggested staggered payment as a one-time cash payment of arrears could lead to a marginal rise in inflation on account of a sudden surge in demand for various goods, especially manufactured items and consumer products. “The government had paid the arrears in a phased manner while implementing the reports of previous Pay Commissions, so it can consider it again,” Dr.Rangarajan had said earlier.
Speaking to journalists recently, Dr. Rangarajan had projected the rate of inflation to slide to about 5.5-6 per cent after a span of four months in the wake of a good monsoon and the slew of Fiscal and Administrative measures taken by the government.
However, in the event of a partial hike in the prices of petro-products following the runaway surge in global crude oil prices, the current apprehension is that the inflation rate, which has already crossed eight percent, may touch the 10 percent mark. As per the recommendations of the Pay Commission, the increase in salaries of about 40 lakh Central government employees would cost the exchequer an additional Rs.12,000 crore annually, while the payment of arrears with effect from January 1, 2006, would imposer a one time burden of Rs.18,060 crore.

Circular No. 3

Circular No. 3 3.6.08
All Central Working Committee Members,
NUPE Group ‘C’
Dear Colleague,
Re-verification of Membership
It is now informed by the Department that All India RMS/MMS Assistant Superintendents & Inspectors Association represented by its General Secretary, Shri. M. Mohanrangam, filed a writ petition No. 11490/2008 and MP No. 2/2008 in the High Court of judicature at Madras and the Madras High Court had granted interim stay till 18.06.2008 of all proceedings pursuant to issue of Department’s letter dated 28.02.2008.
The Department had issued order vide No. 9/2/2008-SR dated the May 27, 2008 that the interim stay granted by the Hon’ble High Court will operate till 18.06.2008, which may be observed scrupulously and further instructions regarding continuation of the verification process after expiry of the interim stay granted by the High Court will follow.
Hence I request you to kindly communicate all the Branches in your Circle, not to submit authorization forms to the DDO’s on 10th June 2008 until further communication received from the Department in this regard.
I hope that by this time all would have collected authorization forms. Still there is time now and u may request the Branch / Divisional Secretaries to contact all in person once again and try to enroll more members. I believe that the tour of the S.G, FNPO and General Secretaries would have been very much useful to organize more members in our Union. I shall be thankful if you could send the feed back immediately to gauge the position.
The May 2008 issue of the Postal Sentinel was given for printing before the receipt of the news of the interim stay and it contains the dates mentioned in the Department order dated 26.3.2008. The Branches may be advised to alter the dates as and when the Department issues further communication on this issue.
I have requested the Branch/Divisional/ Secretaries to forward one copy of the membership list to the Circle Union and CHQ after the same has been displayed in the Notice Board of the office of the DDO’s, after the last date filing for any representation from any members regarding the dual membership. This will enable Circle Secretaries to find out whether the membership of our Union in all the Divisions is incorporated by the Circle office which should forward the same to the Directorate. I have also requested the Circle Secretaries to forward one copy of the list of membership forwarded by the Circle Office to the Directorate which will also be displayed in the Circle Office Notice Board and one copy endorsed to the Circle Secretaries also. The CHQ in turn will find out in the Directorate whether the membership of all the Divisions in a Circle is correctly included or not. This is a must because, in the last verification it was found that there was lot of omissions in the NUGDS membership. The NUGDS CHQ wrote to CPMsG and some have replied and some have not replied. There was omission of thousands of members.
Hence this request. I trust all will co-operate this time. The Branches be advised suitably stressing the importance of this feed back.
Pay Commission Recommendations
The CHQ will be submitting its views as published in the April 2008 issue of the journal. I do not want to link the issue of LSG scale with TBOP/BCR scale of pay for the following reasons:
The Department is contending in the Supreme Court that TBOP/BCR is only up gradation and not promotion. If we link anything with this, there is possibility that Govt. may take a stand that the issue is before the Supreme Court and await the outcome of it.
If TBOP and LSG Scale are one and the same, many may decline norm based LSG posts for the reasons as to why shoulder higher responsibilities without any monetary benefit.
Another, it is mockery to ask BCR officials to work in norm based LSG posts which carries a lower scale of pay and even when they are promoted to HSG II, there will be no monetary benefit for them. Hence many BCR officials are now declining promotion to the LSG cadre.
Some are demanding special allowance to the LSG cadre. The special allowance will not count for fixation of pay for the next promotion as already the case of PO & RMS Accountants is pending for the last ten years with the Dept. of Personnel.
Taking into consideration of all the facts prevailing, I am now demanding pre revised scale of pay 5000 – 8000 to the LSG cadre now, which will be more beneficial than the special allowance. In the new scale, this comes under PB2 and there will be some substantial increase in emoluments.
There should be only one HSG cadre as it was in existence before the fourth pay commission as stressed in our Pay Commission Memorandum.
For System Administrators also we demanded a separate cadre and higher scale of pay. We have also demanded higher scale of pay for Marketing Executives also.
During my course of discussion with the Officers of the Department, I find that there is some positive response for revision of LSG scale of pay and for the System Administrators. The CHQ will pursue these vigorously along with other demands mentioned in the April 2008 journal.
Filling up of LSG, HSG-II and HSG I posts
Please intimate whether all the norm based LSG posts, HSG II and HSG I are filled up in your Circles and if not how many posts are lying vacant and for what reasons, to enable the CHQ to take further action in the matter.
The quota to the FNPO for the period from 1.4.2007 to 31.3.2008 is also paid. Now we are in arrears to clear the dues to the UNI. After March, 2008, except one or two branches others have not remitted quota to the CHQ. Please issue reminder to the Branches to remit the due quota of Rs.3 per member per month to the CHQ immediately to meet out the day to day affairs of the CHQ as the cost of all materials has increased abnormally.
With Warmest Greetings,
Yours fraternally,