Sunday, May 18, 2008

Delay in promotion to HSG II cadre – violation of rules – Tamilnadu Circle

78 -2 Dated the 12.5.2008

Shri. I.M.G. Khan,
Department of Posts,
New Delhi 110 001
Sub: - Delay in promotion to HSG II cadre – violation of rules – Tamilnadu Circle
A kind reference is invited to my D.O letter of even No. dated 21.1.2008 addressed to Member (P) pointing out that the Tamilnadu Circle Administration has been yielding to the pressures of some vested interests who are against to the promotion of LSG Officials who were promoted under Fast Track Promotion Scheme and urged the Member (P) to instruct the Circle Administration to convene DPC immediately and promote the eligible LSG Officials who have completed three years service to HSG II without further delay
Unfortunately, the Tamilnadu Circle Administration succumbing to the pressures, acted on its own accord. On 23.4.2008, the Circle Office promoted 9 officials to HSG II who have declined the HSG II posts earlier in the month of April 2007 vide its memo no. STA/2-78/2008 dt. 23.4.2008. However, the Circle Office had not convened any regular DPC to promote other eligible officials so far. The intention is very clear now. The Circle Administration did not want to promote LSG officials who were promoted under Fast Track Promotion Scheme, to HSG II. In April ’08, nine officials were promoted who have declined in April 2007 and it shall promote some more officials this month who have declined in May 2007 and this process will continue till all the present vacancies are filled up.

The Circle Administration has not followed the rules prescribed by the department in respect of the above nine officials. The case of officials, who have declined promotion earlier, should have to be considered after expiry of one year and find out whether any disciplinary cases pending or contemplated against them by the DPC. It is said that the above nine officials were promoted straightaway by the Circle office.
The crucial date for determining eligibility of officers for promotion to HSG II cadre is 1.1.2008. Large number of officials has completed three years service in LSG last year and eagerly awaiting promotion to HSG II cadre. The HSG II posts are being manned by TBOP/BCR officials now without any monetary benefit. The Circle Administration should have ensured that DPCs are convened in advance and approved select panels are prepared well before commencement of the relevant vacancy years. In spite of several instructions, the Circle Administration violated the rules on the subject with a malafide intention.

Hence, my Union urges that suitable notice be taken against the officers concerned for the lapse in this regard after fixing responsibility as per DOPT O.M.No. 22011/9/98 – Estt.(D) dated the 14th December,2000 and instruct the Circle Administration to accord promotion to all eligible LSG officials to HSG II cadre without further delay.

My Union shall be thankful for urgent action and a line in reply.
With regards,

Yours sincerely,

Copy to:-
Ms. Radhika Duraiswamy, Member (P) for favor of information and necessary action.

Sri. Kmalesh Chndra, DDG (P) for favor of information and necessary action.