Monday, May 5, 2008

Commission, Omission - Pay Commission disappoints Postal Group ‘C’ employees

There is a great deal of resentment over the recommendations of the sixth Pay mmission amongst the Postal Employees. The 5th CPC had recognized the skills of the Postal Assistants and recommended higher scale of pay than the other Group ‘C’ employees of other Central Government establishments. Now, the various types of new works other than that of Post Office work are introduced which also requires highly skilled performance. However, the 6th CPC had not recognized this aspect and rescribed same pay band for the Postmen and Postal Assistants and only the Grade Pay has been increased to Rs.400/-to P.As. This has caused irksome to Postal Assistants and hence needs modification. The Grade Pay should be of Rs.2800 for P.As instead of Rs.2400. The gross injustice done to the TBOP cadre, though admitted in the evidence stage, the anomaly was not set right.

The Pay Commission has also not recognized the heavy responsibility shouldered by LSG Supervisors and did not recommend higher pay band. This is totally unjustified and unacceptable.Now the LSG is a Circle Cadre and many have to go to outstation and maintain two establishments. If the LSG Scale is not in commensurate with the esponsibilities they shoulder, many will decline to work in norm based LSG posts. The officials are justified in declining LSG promotion since they are not financially benefited to shoulder additional higher responsibilities. Further, the Department had already filed a SLP in the Supreme Court against the judgment of the Madras High Court and pleading that TBOP and BCR are only financial up gradation and not promotion. No body could predict the outcome of the Supreme Court case and when the final judgment would be pronounced. Therefore, now there is an urgent need that we should negotiate with the Govt. and the department to get higher scale of pay to the norm based LSG cadre. If we miss the bus, we have to wait for the next pay commission. We had lost already 10 years to get enhanced pay scale for TBOP/BCR cadres. Now, in middle class families mostly husband and wife are employed and ransfer is a liability since many have already settled in their respective towns/cities and constructed houses on getting loan from the department and banks.Hence the LSG Pay needs modification. We demand pre revised scale of pay of Rs.5000-150-8000 to LSG grade now. As stressed in the Pay Commission memorandum, there can be only one HSG cadre instead of 2 (HSG II & HSG-I). If there is one HSG cadre with a decent pay scale, the officials can go for some time to out stations on promotion till they can get vacancies in their towns/cities and the HSG scale can be pre revised scale of Rs.7450-225-11500.

The 6th CPC had also done injustice to PO & RMS Accountants by simply doubling the present special allowance of Rs.180 to Rs. 360. Majority of the officials will not become eligible to get the allowance once they become eligible for up gradation of pay in TBOP. The Special Allowance should be treated as special pay and should be paid to all PO & RMS Accountants irrespective of their grade in TBOP/BCR and the special pay should be taken for fixation when they are promoted to LSG cadre.

The 6th CPC’s contention that higher Pay Scales for System Administrators and Marketing Executives is not justified is unacceptable to us. We may demand pre revised scale of pay of Rs.5000-150-8000 to these officials and should be treated as separate cadre. The next promotional avenue for these cadres should be in HSG, Group‘B’ and Group ‘A’. The department can promote them to Group ‘B’ after conducting an examination or the department can prescribe some specific qualifications and allow these officials sufficient time to acquire them

As far as the basic structure of pay scale of CG employees is concerned, the Grade Pay should be raised by Rs.2000/- to all cadres up to Group B to set right the anomalies. The annual increment should be 4% to avoid derogation of emoluments compared to the future cost of living. All the new recommendations made by the Pay Commission should be discussed with the Staff Side JCM before implementation.

The recommendation that annual increment be at 2.5% per annum and date of effect should be from 1st July every year, is totally unjustified we may demand increment at 4% per annum and the same should be drawn after completion of one year of service as in existence at present.

The sixth pay commission has not recommended that merger of DA with basic pay at any stage. This is unacceptable. The present arrangement should continue.

The Sixth Pay Commission salaries at the top have gone much more and bleak as you go down and down.

We do not wish to express our opinion on other subjects, as we are awaiting the reactions of the Leaders of the other concerned Unions and as well as Leaders of the JCM.

We urge the Government and the Department of Posts to rectify these anomalies or otherwise the employees will be pushed to launch trade union agitations including industrial strike to achieve these genuine reasonable demands.