Thursday, April 24, 2008

System Administrators and Marketing Executives

The Sixth Pay Commission has not recommended separate scale of pay to the above categories in spite of our demand in our evidence before it explaining the ardous nature of duties performed by them. The officials working in the above posts are much distressed and agitated over the injustice done by the sixth pay commission. In the Kerala Circle Conferences held this month on 6th, 7th and 8th, the System Administrators and Marketing Executives met the Secretary General, FNPO and Shri.P.S.Babu and demanded that separate scale of pay should be awarded to these catgegories of officials. The System Administrators demanded HSG I scale of pay and said that they should not be sent back to work as P.As or Supervisors and be allowed to work as permanent System Administrators.The present officials working as System Administrators have also said that they are prepared to pass any examination to be prescribed by the Department.
During the informal talks with the Officers of the Department, we understand that the Department is also willing to consider higher scale of pay to the System Administrators.
Now, the CHQ invites suggestions from other System Administrators and Marketing Executives in this regard.
= General Secretary.

LSG Scale of Pay

Office Bearers and Members are requested to kindly ssuggest the scale of pay for the norm based LSG Posts. The Sixth Pay Commission has not recommended higher scale of pay to this category of officials. Members have already expressed their deep anguish and annoyance over the injustice done by the sixth Pay Commission in this regard.
While submitting memorandum to the Sixth Pay Commission, the NUPE C suggested that there is no need for separate HSG II posts and both the HSG I and HSG II posts should be merged as a single Cadre HSG, as was in existence before 3rd or 4th Pay Commission.
There is a suggestion that the present scale of Pay for HSG II recommended by the 6th CPC should be given to norm based LSG officials.
Send your suggestions immediately.
= General Secretary

The Pay Commission recommendations are in favour of senior-level officers only –Mr. Lalu Prsad, Railway Minister.

At the Cabinet Meeting held on 11.4.2008, Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav sought Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s intervention in removing the anomalies in the recommendations made by the Pay Commission saying they could lead to unrest amongst lower level government employees. He said the recommendations appeared loaded in favour of senior-level officials ignoring the interests of lower-level employees working in the railways, defence and paramilitary forces. Speaking to the media later, Lalu said the PM had assured him that he would look into the matter and take required action.
Saying that the recommendations had further widened the gap between the highest and the lowest grade of government employees, Lalu said the move could lead to wide-spread discontentment and heartburn amongst the staff. Lalu said that instead of considering the massive turnaround of Indian Railways in the last four years, the Commission’s recommendations appear to be based on the report of Rakesh Mohan Committee report of 2001 which had come out at a time when Railways was not in good financial health. He also said that various unions of railway employees had been threatening to go on strike in protest against the recommendations

Secretaries’ Panel to screen report of Pay Commission - Secretary, Dept. of Posts is also a member of the Committee

The Govt. had appointed a 13-member empowered committee of Secretaries for processing the sixth Pay Commission report. The Committee, headed by Cabinet Secretary Shri.K.M. Chandrasekhar, will mainly function as a panel for screening the commission proposals. Its final recommendations will be submitted for Cabinet approval.
No time frame was set for the Committee. The panel would be expected to complete its task as fast as possible so that the Pay Commission report could be implemented at the earliest after Cabinet approval, said Mr. Kapil Sibal, Science & Technology Minister.
The Committee would include the Revenue Secretary, the Expenditure Secretary, the Home Secretary, the Defence Secretary and the Special Secretary, Internal Security, apart from the Secretaries of the Departments of Personnel and Training, Pension and Pensioners welfare and Posts.