Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oral Promise made by Minister not enforceable- Supreme Court Judgment.

'Do not go by oraln promise of a minister' was the loud message given by the Supreme Court of India in its judgment that held such promises did not have legal sanctity and could not be enforced in a court of law.
In the instant case the Law Minister in Arunachal Pradesh Govt. told owners of Nezone Law House, Assam that his government would buy 500 sets of "North Eastern REgional Local Acts and Rules' for the use of judicial officers if they compiled and published it.
The Minister true to his promise, did initiate a departmental note for the purpose, but it remained mired in the red tape and finally no ppurchases could be made. The Publishers moved the Gauhati High Court, which held that the state government, being bound by the minister's promise, should purchase the promised number of books. The State appealed in the apex court.

Now, what will happen to our Minister's(Thiru A. Raja) promise that wages for the strike period in December 2000 would be treated as leave. Let us wait and see!

6th C P C Report Comments

Dear Colleagues,
The CHQ is indeed thankful for the receipt of suggestions and comments on the above subject. The CHQ is studying these comments and suggestions and will make out a case in regard to better scale for norm based LSG officials, Postal Assistants and System Administrators and submit a detailed memorandum to the Secretary, Dept. of Posts shortly. The CHQ will purusue vigarously and is hopeful of getting better benefits.

= General Secretary, NUPE-C