Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Revised Syllabus for LGOs Examinatioin

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & I T
Department of Posts
(Training Division)

No. 56 – 4/2006 – Trg. 10.3.2008

Sub: - Revision of Syllabus for the LGOs for promotion to the cadre of Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants – regarding.
This is regarding the revision of LGOs syllabus. Kind reference is invited to this office letter of even number dated 24.10.2007.
2. The case has been examined in detail. The assistance of Consultant has been taken for developing the syllabus for the Aptitude test. The revised syllabus for the LGOs Examination has been formulated and the same is given below.
Existing Syllabus
Description Duration Total Marks
Paper I – Essay, General English/General Hindi 2 hours 100
and Grammar
Paper II Arithmetic 2 hours 100
Paper III-Test based on Postal Manuals and 2 hours 100
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Propsed syllabus
Description Duration Total Marks
Paper I – Language – English 2 hours 100 marks
Part A
Comprehension (with simple questions and fill up
the blanks - 25 Marks
Questions of multiple choice – in General to test the
knowledge of English – 50 Marks
Part B
Translation of English passage into local language
– 25 marks
Part II – Arithmetic (basic)and Test of Reasoning 2 hrs. 100
Simple Interest CalculationTest of Reasoning
Test of Reasoning
Paper III – Departmental Rules
Multiple Choice Questions-which will be circulated ** 2hrs. 100
** This will be Online Test. The candidates must know how to read the test (Question) on the computer screen and select the right answers by performing minimum operations in key board like using Arrow Keys’ Space Bar. Enter Key; Number or Alphabet Keys and Mouse. (Necessary dummy trials will be given before the Examination).

3. It may be added that we are looking forward to some more questions for the Auestion Bank.
4. Sample questions for Papers I & II are attached,
5. Please send us your views and suggestions.. If no response is received in a month’s time, will presume you have no objection to the new format.
Yours sincerely,
Sample Questions for Paper I - Language

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

Early rising is good for our health. It helps us to work hard. . The morning air is cool & fresh. It is very useful for our lungs. It gives strength to our body. Early rising is a very good habit. It is very calm at that time. There is no noise. A Student can read well. He can learn his lessons quickly. Therefore, every student should get up early.

Now answer the following questions.
Is early rising good for our health?
What is useful for our lungs?
Should a student get up early?
When can he learn his lessons quickly?
Give two benefits of early rising.

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions given below:
(in, on, from, to, a)
a. He knocked ---- door
b. Shankar lived ----- a village
c. The King gave people gifts ----- his birthday
d. Sachin was going ------ Delhi
e. You can earn a lot ----- this piece of land.

Choose the correct answer :
i. The Sun rises in the

ii. Jasmine flower is
white colour
rose colour
yellow colour
red colour

D. Please translate the following passage into Regional (Local language).

I am Suresh. I am working as Postman of “A” Head Post Office since 2.11.90. My hobby is “stamps collection.” I am having an account in Philatelic Bureau at my Post Office. A philatelic account can be opened in any Philatelic Bureau with a minimum deposit of Rs.200/-. Every month I am getting new Philatelic stamps/special cancellation covers from the Philatelic Bureau.
Sample Questions for Paper II – Arithmetic (basic) and Test of Reasoning

What is the original price of a cycle, if it is sold for Rs.550/- at a loss of 12 %?
Find the principal that amounts to Rs.9, 261/- in three years at 5% p.a?
A train traveling at 20 meters per second leaves Chennai at 7.30 A.M. When it reach Ambur, a distance of 260 Km?
A car runs at a distance of 30 Km per hour. What distance does it cover in 2 hours 30 minutes?
Venkat sells a quintal of wheat for Rs. 924/- amd earms a [rpfot pf 12%. By selling a quintal of rice for the same amount, he loses 12%. Find
Cost price of wheat
Cost of rice
Gain or loss percent on the whole transaction

A group of students was given a special test. The test was completed by the various students in the following time (in minutes)
17, 19, 19, 20, 22,24,26,28,30,32,36
a. Find out the average time taken by the students to complete the test.
b. How many students took more than the average time to complete the test?

A person starts his job with a certain monthly salary and earns a fixed increment every year. If his salary was Rs.4,500/- after 4 years of service, find his initial salary and the amount increment.
List price of a Scooter is Rs.35000/-. It is available ata discount of 8%. Find the selling price of the scooter.
B. Test of Reasoning:
1. What is next in this series?
AC CE EG GI -------
Ans: a) IJ b) MO c) IK d) IM

What is the missing number in this series:
3 6 ------ 24
Ans: a) 8 b) 9 c) 12 d) 15

What are the missing alphabets in this series?
31 CA 25 BE 57 EG 46-----
Ans: a) CG b) DE c) GA D) DF