Friday, March 7, 2008

Fax Machine to the CHQ

As per the decision of the last CWC held at Hyderabad, I have purchased a Fax Machine with Printer and Scanner for the use of the CHQ at the cost of Rs.8000/-.The fax no. is the same as of the telephone number 011-25990103.
D.Kishan Rao, General Secretary, NUPE-C

Evidence before the GDS Committee

Sri. P.U. Maraleedharan, General Secretary, NUGDS along with Sri.D.Thegarajan, Secretary General, FNPO tendered evidence before the Chairman of the GDS Committee Sri.R.S.Natajamurti on the 26th February 2008. The Financial Secretary. NUGDS and Sri.M.P.Chitasena, Circle Secretary, NUGDS, Karnataka Circle were also present during the evidence.
It is informed by our Secretary General, FNPO that NFPE had also submitted memorandum to Sri.R.S.Natarajamurti committee last month.

Meeting with Secretary (P) and Member (P)

I met the Secretary (P) and Member (P) on the 28th Feb.’08 along with Sri.D.Theagarajan, S.G, FNPO. I discussed with them regarding filling up of residuary vacancies, filling up of APM Accounts posts, delay in filling up of HSG II posts in many Circles. The Secretary (P) had issued instructions to DDG (P) to issue immediate orders to fill up residuary vacancies since these vacancies shall not come under the purview of abolition even though the vacancies exists more than a year and the process of recruitment has already started. Member (P) said that the Department will finalize the rules for filling up of APM Accounts posts very shortly and said that Circles will be instructed to promote LSG officials who have completed 3 years service to HSG II immediately after holding the DPC. I have also pointed out that many Circles have not taken the vacancies arisen due to promotion of HSG II officials to HSG I on adhoc basis and urged that these vacancies should also be filled up since the Department had got one time exemption from the DoPT relaxing the HSG I recruitment rules and the question of their reversion does not arise at all now. The Member (P) seems to have agreed with my view. The atrocious attitude of the U P Postal Administration against the NUPE-C was brought to the notice of the Member (P) who had agreed to look into it after getting report from the CPMG. Member (P) also said that revised syllabus for the LGO examination is almost finalized and will be announced shortly and the department may give two more chances to those already exhausted six chances. I also discussed about J &K Circle problem regarding grant of messing allowance and review of C R entry ‘average’ written by the previous SSPO’s which resulted in many seniors have now become juniors in the LSG grade. The Member (P) and the Secretary said that they have already seized the problem and they are at it for solving the same.
D.Kishan Rao, General Secretary