Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Staff Side Meeting with Member (P) on 16.09.2008

The meeting was held on 16.9.2008 at Dak Bhawan. Staff Side consisting of FNPO & NFPE participated in the meeting.

1. The Department is agreeable to introduce ACP in the Dept. of Posts. The Department asked the staff side to give letter in writing agreeing for the ACP.

2. Group C cadre restructuring - The Department asked the staff side to submit a Note on the subject before the end of this month.

3. Supervisory Allowance - The Department will consider this issue in the course of cadre restructuring.

4. System Administrators - The department will consider favorably higher scale of pay.

5. PO & RMS Accountant - Separate scale of pay demanded. But the Department is not in favour.

6. Change of nomenclature Treasurers as Cashiers : The department is not in favor of changing the designation.

7.Artisan scale of pay :- This will be considered by the Anomaly Committee .

The Department will shortly form Anomaly Committee in the Department of Posts.



ASHIS@KOL A.P. STG. DN. said...

Proud to be a member of NURMS&MMSE- Gr.-C.
At last we are getting maximum by your leadership only.
All National Union Members of Kolkata Air Port Sorting Division, Kolkata.

ASHIS@KOL A.P. STG. DN. said...

!)what is post restructureing?
2)What will be the basic pay of ACP-2 & ACP - 3 in case of Sorting Assistant.
3) Who will be nominated for Marketing Executive ? if me- aged 47--possible ?
4)what will be the minimum qualification to be a System Administrator ?
Please intimate immediately
Ashis Majumder,
S/A, Kolkata Air Port Sorting Divn.

Unknown said...

Respected Sir,

This is great news to know that Higher Pay scales would be considered for System Adm/Manager, but it may kindly be got ensured that same gets implemented on all existant System Adm/Managers by taking into account their rendered services. May be deptt. will fix certain criteria for being a System Adm/Manager... but it may plz. be got ensured that concession is given to presently working system managers also.

Unknown said...

The General Secretary,
DOP, New Delhi

Sub: Acceptance of ACP Scheme & allotment of higher Grade
Pay (4200) for TBOP/ACP-1 – reg.
* * *
As seen from the 6th CPC report, the Scale of 4500-125-7000 was upgraded to higher pay scale and allotted Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- for the following posts in various Departments.
Sl.No. Post Department
1 Head Clerk/Assistants Office Staff Working in Organistations outside the Secretariate
2 Primary School Teacher Teachers
3 Technical Assistants Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
4 Machine man/Operator Offset Ministry of Defence
5 Technical Assistants in Centre for Marine Living Resources & Ecology, Kochi Minstry of Earth Sciences
6 Professional /Statastical Assistants Ministry of Power
7 UDC Incharge Ministry of Urban Development
Etc., and many more cadres in so many departments except DOP

No doubt in it, it will be more and more benefit for accepting ACP scheme for the DOP. By allotting Rs.4200/- Grade Pay for TBOP cadre (ie, ACP-1) it will be more and more useful for the Direct Recruits in PA cadre as well as Promotees from Postmen and Gr’D’.

If a Gr’D’ official promoted to Postman and then to PA, the official will get Rs.4200/- Grade pay after completion of 10 years in PA cadre if Rs.4200/- is allotted to TBOP/ACP-1. As such fight to allot Grade pay Rs.4200/- for TBOP/ACP-1 is very beneficial for promotees/Direct Recruits.

Finally, it is requested sir kindly take the matter with the dept. and get it switch over to ACP scheme from TBOP/BCR and also get it Rs.4200/- grade pay for TBOP/ACP-1 which is beneficial to both Direct Recruits and Promotees.

Secretary & Members