Thursday, August 7, 2008

FNPO Unions not to participate in Strike

It is informed by the Secretary General, FNPO that the Unions affiliated to FNPO are not paricipating in one day strike on 20.8.2008 sponsored by some Trade Union Centres and supported by the Left parties.


bsngoud said...

Now all the postal employees are going to be disappointed for delaying of implemaentation, it is time to all postal employees of all unions have to participate in strike and make sucecess for early announcement of 6th cpc wef 1.1.06 as recomanded by the chairman of
6th cpc.

Kaushik Das said...

It is the left parties, particularly the CPM, who are responsible for delay in implemntation of pay commission's recommendations. This strike is called for the sake of their narrow political interests. We cg employees have nothing to do with the dirty politics of CPM and other left parties.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know whether the postal employees are allowed to draw their pension from public sector banks? If not then what is the ruling?