Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pay Commission issues- Meeting with the Officers of the Dept.of Posts

It is reported by the Secretary General, FNPO that the Department of Posts convened a meeting on 4th April 2008 under the chairmanship of DDG (Estt.) Sri.Vasu Mithra to consider the issues arising out of 6th Pay Commission recommendations. The Secretary General, FNPO is paricipating in the meeting.

All our Members and Office Bearers are requested to send their views in this regard to the Federation and the CHQ through e mail or comments to the blog immediately


venu said...

I had already sent this same report to you through Visakhapatnam Divisional Secretary Sri.V.S.Arun Kumar. However for inviting much more responses to this i am again submitting the same for viewing by our employees.

6th Pay Commission pay made efforts to reduce the number of scales. This was considered necessary for de-layering the Government with a view to hasten decision making and improving the existing delivery mechanisms for benefit of the citizens. But doing so in reducing the number of scales it has inadvertently harmed the employee whose efforts or turn over of work was recognized by the 5th Pay commission for example to this is the Postal Assistant Scale of 4000-100-6000. This has made the employees working in this scale disappointed and this may lead to consequences like shirking of work and better services to the citizens as the employees in this scale are mostly entrusted with work of front office.

5th Pay commission has well agreed with the fact that Postal Assistants are handling multifarious functions and hence rewarded this cadre with a separate scale of pay of Rs.4000-100-6000. But this advantage was deprived of this advantage in the 6th Pay commission as the 6th Pay commission has merged the following 5th Pay commission scales into a single scale of Rs.4860-20200 +Rs2400 causing grave injustice to the Time scale Postal Assistants and the TBOP officials of Department of Post

Sl.No 5th Pay Commission Scale Corresponding 6th Pay commission scale
1 2750-70-3800-75-4400
2 3050-75-3950-80-4590
3 3200-85-4900
4 4000-100-6000
5 4500-125-7000

All these above scales are combined into Rs.4860-20200 with various grade pay of Rs.1800,1900, 2000,2400, 2800 respectively

This merging has caused advantage to the employees in the scale at Sl.No.1,2.3 and huge loss to the employees in the scale of Rs.4000-100-6000, Rs.4500-125-7000.

The 6th Pay commission in para 7.6.21 has mentioned that the Postal Assistants are handling multifarious functions and this speaks of itself. Till date the department has not introduced the Assured Career Progression (ACP) to the staff (except to the IPO cadre) nor reduced the promotion period for TBOP(16y years) and BCR(26 years) . This has caused large variation in the pay being received by a postal employee to that of any other other Central Government department who have joined on the same date. Hence the commission should consider this issue very seriously and consider in giving the starting scale of Postal Assistant as Rs.8700- 34800 +Rs4200. or should consider in setting up a different pay scale in between the proposed 6th Pay commission scale of Rs.4860-20200 + Rs.2800 and 8700-34800 +Rs4200 respectively.

The 6th Pay commission has left a huge gap of Rs. 1400/- between the last grade pay of the proposed scale of Rs.4860-20200 +Rs.2800 and the first grade pay of proposed scale of Rs.8700-34800 + Rs.4200. Hence the 6th Pay commission should consider in either raising the grade pay of Rs.2400 and Rs.2800 to Rs.3800 and Rs.4100 should consider in setting up a different pay scale in between the proposed 6th Pay commission scale of Rs.4860-20200 + Rs.2800 and 8700-34800 +Rs4200 respectively.

6th Pay commission has neutralized the Pay+DP+DA as on 1.1.2006 and reduced the DA by 8% which has to restored back and the fixations are to redone accordingly.

6th Pay commission in para 7.6.21 has mentioned that “Postal Assistants assigned the jobs of System Administrators & Marketing Executives have demanded creation of a new cadre with higher pay scales. Creation of a new cadre in their case is not functionally justified. The Commission, in any case, is not looking into demands relating to individual cadre reviews. Status-quo may, therefore, need to be maintained especially because the existing scenario allows usage of available manpower for need based multifarious functions”. The contention of the Pay commission is very much correct. DG of this department should have already created new cadres for the people handling IT related projects and should have assigned appropriate and rewarding scales rather than referring the issue to Pay commission. This way shirking the DG’s responsibility itself reveals the very indolent nature of the apex body of this department. Department is proposing to introduce nature of work similar to the Nationalized banks. In this circumstances the DG should have already created new cadre for the people handling IT related works, so that the pay commission could have taken up this cadre grievances and could have done justice to this cadre people.

The periods for promotions to the cadre of TBOP and BCR should be reduced to 8 years, 16 years. A new promotion should be introduced at 24 years. The identified posts of LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I are not at all sufficient to accommodate the staff who have fulfill the eligibility criteria. Hence the DG should put in serious though into this issue and settle this in a very favourable manner.

6th Pay commission recommended abolition of compensation in the form of Over Time allowance or any other similar allowance to any of the CentralGovernment employees except those belonging to the categories of operational staff and industrial employees governed by statute. The categories of operational staff and industrial employees who are governed by statutory provisions will need to be paid this allowance in accordance with the extant rules and instructions because payment of this allowance in their case is a statutory requirement. In this regard this abolition is not at all justified in respect of this department as this is a labour intensive department and the nature of duties does not allow combination of posts, hence the Over time for this department should continue. The present amount of Over time @ Rs.15.85/- per hour is a very irrational. Hence it may be raised proportionately @Rs.60/- per hour at least.

Thanking you


M Muralidharan said...

Shouldering of higher responsibilities by the norm based LSG/HSG II supervisors has been disregarded by the Commission;Nither the Unions nor the Dept were serious about this issue.Similarly TBOP/BCR officials posted as SPMs need a better consideration and should ,atleast,be paid Supervisory Allowances.Further it is irrational that a TBOP/BCR PA without any additional responsibilties get equal and sometimes,even,higher pay than those holding supervisory positions either as norm based LSG/HSG II or T/S SPMs.

The Accountants are,again,given a raw deal.PO & RMS Accountants do the work of Accounts Officers or JAOs in other Departments.But they are given a paltry allowance of Rs 320-(!) and have no promotional avenues either.

Abolition of Group D posts in our Dept.would doom the future of GDS who have a dream of becoming departmental employee atleast at the fag end of thier career.

There is no recommendations about OTA rates.The already sleeping over the Arbitration Award on OTA.The present rate of Rs 15/85 per hour is a pittance and makes it a mockery.

Harikumar said...

I would like to invite your immediate attention to the immediate and so called effective steps taken by the AIPEU P3 in the issues of System Administrators in the Department.

Irrespective of Union memberships, we as System Administrators are the worst affected category by the recommendations of the 6 th Pay Commission.

Kindly visit the blog
It is said that NFPE delegates has met DG Posts on 01.04.2008 and 10 important points has been raised.

The issue of System Administrators has been taken at Ser No 2 alongwith the issues of TBOP.

I was the Divisional Secretary of FNPO and presently the Finance Secretary of the Union. We at Central Region, Kerala has maximum number of System Administrators. Even the Circle Secretary, Kerala belongs to this Region.

DG Posts is visiting Munnar.MDG next week. Myself will be trying my best to meet him personally and appraise the problems of System Administrators.

Kindly take up the issue sincerely and effectively so that we can be proud of our Union's effort if something happens in favour of SAs.

N Harikumar
System Adminstrator

venu said...

Sri.D.K.Rao vey much thankful to you, i came to know through Sri.V.S.Arun Kumar DS that the proposal sent by me through him has been submitted by you to the committee formed to hear the pay commission issues.

Please post the further details about the meeting.

Thanking You

System Admin
Waltair RS HO Visakhapatnam

Harikumar said...

Dear Friends,

This is in countinuation to my earlier posts in the blog.

We System Administrators of Central Region, Kerala had a meeting with DDG (Technology)
Ms Aruna Jain, Ms Sobha Koshy, PMG Central Region and Ms Mariamma Thomas, DPS Central Region alongwith AD (Technology) on 10.04.2008 from 3PM to 8 PM at Cochin. Along with all other issues relating to Technology, our problems has also been discussed.

According to DDG (Tech), Dept is considering the formation of a separate cadre. But, she is unable to say in which form it will be.

I would request each and every one in our folk to do all possible efforts to highlight our problems and pressurise the Department on all possible (Trade Union, Political, Personal)ways to get the cadre formed and all of us are accomodated.

Kindly take immediate steps to update the site regarding steps taken in favour of System Administrators.


N Harikumar
System Administrator
Kerala - 685584
Mob : 94470 20070


Dear sir I do not know why the union at central HQ level not pursing issue of regularization of of RTP PA/SA service from the date of appointment when supreme court passed judgment for counting of service including RTP service for APS staff worked .Others also should get the same. Mr Krishna n chairman 6 th cpc also told to look personal but not do .what happened.It is the correct time for the central union to solve the issue for all the staff who really require and requested much high sensitive concentration A help for all earlier RTP postal assistant /sorting assistant for real time for correct union attitude to strengthen the union much and more. The benefit implemented at Anantapur postal division Andhra hear.Pl pursue the same and keep touch with me A.MURALI TBOP POSTAL ASSISTANT WALTAIR RS HO VISAKHAPATNAM ANDHRA 0920016534. Pl provide right justice now.