Saturday, March 1, 2008

Verification of Membership for recognition of Service Association

NO. 13/04/2007-SR Dated the w6th February 2008
Sub: - Verification of Membership for recognition of Service Association under CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 - calling of applications.
I am directed to refer to the Depatment's letter No. 13-31/98-SR dated 30-06-2006, vide which recognition of Service Associations was granted for 2 years, which will come to a end on 29.06.2008. In order to have a fresh panel of recognized Service Associations available before the said date of expiry, it has been decided to conduct the next verification of membership of Service Associations under check off system, for the following xv caegories:-
i) Group 'C' (Postal) (Exclluding Postmen)
ii) Group 'C' RMS including MMS and excluding Mail "Guards
iii)Group 'D' Postal including Postmen
iv) Group 'D' RMS & MMS including Mail Guards
v) Circle Office Administrative Staff Group 'C' and 'D'
vi) IPO/IRM Associations
vii) Postal Civil Wing (Group 'C' & 'D' including Junior Engineers)
viii) Postal Accounts Employees (Group 'C' & 'D') including JAOs
ix) Indian Postal Service Group 'A'
x) PSS Group 'C' officers
xi) AAO/AO/Senior AO
xii) Supervisors (General line)
xiii)SBCO (All grades)
xiv) Mail Motor Service Officers
xv) Stenographers.
All Service Associations in the Department of Posts intending to participate in the verification process for the above-mentioned categories should submit their application alongwith the following documents to SR Section of the Department latest by 25th March, 2008.
i) Memorandum of Associations
ii) Constitution/by-laws of the Associations
iii) List of office bearers and
iv) Estimated membership of the Associations.
In regard to the category of Supervisors (General Line), it may be pertinent to mention that as per order dated 06.05.1997 passed by the Hon'ble Delhi high Court, the All India Association of Postal Supervisors (GL) will continue to avail the recognized status, till such time the interim order of Hon'ble High Court is in force.
All Heads of Circles/Regional Postmasters General, Federations & Service Associations are requested to give wide publicity to this communication.
5. Hindi version will follow.
Yours faithfully,
sd/ Subash Chander
Director (SR & Legal)

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muralidharan said...

Previously there was no category for Supervisors(GL) and only because the AIAPS gone to Court against this and got an interim order they are enjoying the TU facilities.The Dept. has done nothing to get the interim stay vacated and the stay lasts for more than 10 years now! Even now without defining who the supervisors are the Dept has called for seperate application for that category. Then,do we have to form seperate Unions for the supervisors and apply for Recognition or just keep them alongwith Group C.Shall we not have clear definition from the Dept.?