Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reverification of Membership - IMPORTANT POINT

All Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries,
NUPE Grolup 'C'

Please note that letter of authorization (Annexure II) bearing the signature of Director (SR & Legal)of Department of Posts is the legal one and the forms without the signaturw of the Director (SR & Legal) is not a valid one. If any body obtained the authorization in the old format, please throw them out in the dustbin and obtain au;thorization in the new form which bears the signature of the Director (SR & Legal)

- General Secretary, NUPE-Gr.C


Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
It has been intimated under Directorate No.13/4/2007-SR dated 26/03/2008, that every employee desiring to be a member of a Service Association will give a letter of authorisation addressed to the DDO in the prescribed proforma (Annexure-II) [bearing the signature of the Director (SR/Legal) for deduction of subscription from the pay].
Now, it may be clarified that the desired proforma will be supplied by the Department or the signature be copied, which is an illegal provision. You may immediately take up the matter with the Directorate,with a copy endorsed to me and ofer CHQ guidelines of where do we get the membership verification form, as the deadline for verification of membership is 10/07/2008.
With regards

Kaushik Das said...

NFPE is getting the upper hand in this flawed reverification process in West Bengal. Everywhere they are intimidating our members and obtaining their signaure in the new form using every dirty tricks in their sleeves. They have virtually created a reign of fear with the tacit political support of ruling communists. It's getting increasingly difficult even to keep our flock together. This verifciation process should have been done in secret ballot like the railway men did, otherwise we will bite the dust in West Bengal.

Kaushik Das
Asst Secy, NUPE - C
Central Kolkata Division