Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recognition of Federations in the Dept. of Posts

Letter No. 17/0/2007-SR Dated the 27th March 2008
Office Order

Subject: Recognition of National Federation of Postal Employees and Federation of National Poistal Organizations in the Department of Posts

The undersigned is directed to convey the approval of the Competent Authority to the recognition of federations namely (i) National Federation of Postal Employees; and (ii) Federation of National Postal Organizations, in the Department of Posts, in terms of instructions contaioned in O.M.No. 2/14/98-JCA dated 3rd July 2002 of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension, Department of Personnel and Training. The recognition so granted to the both the federations is on provisional basis subject to review after June 2008, when the results of the next verification process, necessary action for which has already been initiated, become available. Further, the recognition of NFPE will be subject to the final outcome of the W.P.No. 3299/07 pending before High Court of judicature of Jodhpur.

2. The federations granted recognition vide this Office order will please note that it is subject to fulfillment of all terms and conditions contgained in O.M dated 3.7.2002 ibid and the observations of the Department of Personnel & Training conveyed vide Department's letter No. 6-2/2002-SR (Vol.II) dated 24.04.2007, liable to be withdrawn any time if the above guidelines are not satisfied.

This issues with the approval of the Secretary (Posts)

sd/ Subash Chander
Director SR & Legal.

Reverification of Membership - IMPORTANT POINT

All Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries,
NUPE Grolup 'C'

Please note that letter of authorization (Annexure II) bearing the signature of Director (SR & Legal)of Department of Posts is the legal one and the forms without the signaturw of the Director (SR & Legal) is not a valid one. If any body obtained the authorization in the old format, please throw them out in the dustbin and obtain au;thorization in the new form which bears the signature of the Director (SR & Legal)

- General Secretary, NUPE-Gr.C

Procedure for reverification of Membership

No. 13/4/2007-SR 26th March 2008
Sub:- CCS (RSA) Rules , 1993 – Re-verification of membership for recognition of Service Association- Procedure regarding.
I am directed to refer to the Department’s letter of even number dated the 28th Feb., 2008 on the above subject and to enclose a list of applicant Service Associations provisionally eligible for participation in the process of reverification (Annexure-1).
2.The following procedure regarding re-verification of membership and recovery of subscriptions for the Associations from the Pay Rolls will be followed:-
(1) (a) Every employee desiring to be a member of a service Association will give a letter of authorization in writing, addressed to the DDO in the prescribed Proforma (Annexure –II) (bearing the signature of Director (SR & Legal) for deduction of subscription from his pay. The letter of authorization is to be sent through the applicant Service Association to which the membership is sought, so as to reach the Drawing and Disbursing Officer concerned on or before 10th June, 2008. Any authorization given through a non applicant association will be ignored. The Associations will submit a list of members in triplicate duly signed by the authorized office bearer on each page of the list.
(b) Drawing & Disbursing Officers will receive letters of authorization along with list of members in triplicate from the authorized office bearer duly acknowledging the receipt of lists in duplicate and also the authorization letters. Drawing &
Disbursing Officers will display one copy of each set of lists on the notice board from 11.06.2008 to 20.06.2008.
In case an employee has given authorization in favour of more than one applicant Association, it will be treated as invalid and will not be counted for any Association.
(d) An individual employee, whose name has been included in more than one Associations’ List exhibited on the Notice Board, may, if he so desires, submit a representation to the Drawing & Disbursing Officer by 21.06.2008. The employee concerned must specifically indicate in the representation with supporting material, if any, that he has given the authorization in favour of a specific Association (Name must be given) is fake one. The Drawing & Disbursing Officer on his part will scrutinize the authorization give by the employee and incase he finds that the authorization was not genuine, he may delete his name from the concerned list under intimation to the concerned Association and allow it to be included in the list the employee genuinely chooses. Trade Union facilities of such authorized office bearer who signed the fake/fabricated/nongenuine authorization would be withdrawn till the next verification process. However, in on scrutiny by the DDO both the authorizations are found to be authentic given by the employee, both the authorizations would be treated as invalid and the employees concerned would not be allowed to become member of any Association till the next verification process. No representation received after 21.06.2008 will be entertained.
(2) The letters of authorization received through Service Associations be grouped category/Designation-wise and filed securely in guard files by Drawing & Disbursing Officers. The Drawing & Disbursing Officer will note down the details of the authorizations in a register, the format of which is indicated in Annexure-III. The serial number in Annexure III should also be marked on the authorization letter placed in the guard file, duly authenticated by the DDO concerned.
3 (a) All the Drawing & Disbursing Officers will start making monthly recovery from employees who authorize such recovery out of their pay, from the salary for the month of June 2008 payable on 30.6.2008.
Recovery of subscriptions being made in respect of Service Associations on the basis of old authorization will stop after May, 2008 salary payable on 30/31/5/2008) except for All India Association of Postal Supervisors (General Line) as in their case, as per the directions of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court, New Delhi in CWP No. 1827/97. Status- quo is to be maintained till the case is heard.
(4) Drawing & Disbursing Officer shall make recovery of monthly subscription from pay in favour of a particular Association every month.
(5) An extract from the register in duplicate will be handed over to the Cashier for making necessary entries in the acquaintance roll (ACG 24) of the month concerned. A suitable column in the acquittance roll viz., “Membership/Subscription to Service Association’ may be opened to record the deductions separately. The deduction made by the Cashier through acquittance roll will be “out-of-account” transactions of the Government account.
(6) Drawing & Disbursing Officer after making the deductions will remit the amount to the Divisional Secretary of the concerned Association who, in turn, will remit this amount to the All India, Circle etc. as per the quota fixed in their respective constitutions. There is no objection if the membership subscription is remitted to the Circle/central body of the Association for further distribution provided such a provision is made in the constitution of the Association. The total deductions and total number of persons covered by the amount by the amount remitted should also be specified.
(7) Remittance to the Association should on no account be made by means of Service Money Orders.
(8) The amount collected by Sub/Branch Offices at the time of disbursement of Pay & Allowances to the staff employed in those offices and kept out-of –account shall be sent to the Head Post Office in the daily account duly entered on the back with the remarks ‘List of out of account’ attached. The amount should be put in a separate cover.
(9) Drawing & Disbursing Officer shall complete the work relating to verification and its compilation by 10th July, 2008 and report to the Heads of Circles with details of the total number of persons belonging to each of the Service Associations in the Proforma as per Annexure –IV and display one copy of Annexure IV on the notice board on 10th July 2009.
(10) Drawing & Disbursing Officers will ensure that while counting total strength in respect of a particular category, total employees actually working and eligible for being included in that category may be taken into account. They should not report the total number of sanctioned posts.
(11) The Heads of Circles will send the consolidated statement to SR Section, Department of Posts in the Proforma at Annexure-IV by 25th July, 2008 and display its one copy on Notice Board on the same day. The Circles will ensure that the information in respect of all Drawing & Disbursing Officers has been included in the statement. The concerned Service Associations will also be endorsed the statement referred to above.
(12) Generally the Service Associations have a grievance that the Drawing & Disbursing Officers maintain a soft corner for the Association to which they belong(ed). The Heads of Circles will see to it that absolute transparency is observed in carrying out the reverification process and it is conducted in a free and fair manner. In case any irregularity is noticed on the part of DDOs, a serious view in the matter be taken and prompt action may be initiated by the competent Disciplinary/Administrative Authorities. Further, all Heads of Circles will nominate a senior officer of the Circle (of the level of JAFG or above), who will be responsible for attending to complaints and settlement of disputes arising in carrying out the verification process.
3. The term ‘Drawing & Disbursing Officer’. As mentioned above, means only such authority in charge of the work of drawing Pay and allowances for an employee.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Recognition to FNPO

We are very glad to announce that Federation of National Postal Organizations (FNPO) is acorded recognition by the Department of Posts. The Secretary General conveys his thanks to the rank and file of the National Unions and office bearers of the affilated Unions at all levels.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Observe Protest Day on 26th April 2008 -D.K.Rao

The Sixth Pay Commision done great injustice to the postal assistant cadre, accountants, TBOP, LSG & HSG-II.Several anti labour recommendations have been made.The 6th CPC ingnored Group-C & D cadres. The Demands of the postal dept rejected, observe protest day and hold demonstrations send memorandums to the finance minister & central trade unions.
-D.Kishan Rao.
General Secretary.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

6th CPC High Lights on Dept. of Posts

ASPO's:- Para 7.6.7 :- Upgradation for the post of Assistant Superintendent of Post Offices (ASPOs) on par with Assistant Director (Marketing), who is in the pay scale of Rs.7500 - 12000 has been demanded. The Commission has addressed this demand in para 7.6.14.

Inspectors:- Para 7.6.14. Postal Inspectors in Department of Posts have demanded a higher pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 on par with Inspectors and analogous posts in CBDT/CBEC as well as Assistants of Central Secretariat Services (CSS) on the ground that they are recruited through the same examinatio. The Commission is recommending the merger of pre-revised pay scale of Rs.500-9000 and Rs..6500-10500 which will automatically bring Inspector (Posts) on par with Assistants in CSS/Inspectors and analogous posts in CBDT and CBEC. With this upgradation, Inspector (Posts) shall come to lie in an identical pay scale as that of their promotion post of Assistant Superintendent (Posts) (ASPOs). ASPOs shall, acordingly, be placed in the next hihger pay scale of Rs..7450-11500 corresponding to the revised pay band PB-2 of Rs.8700-34800 along with grde pay of Rs.4600. The ne4xt hihger post in the hierachy, that of Superintendent (Post) , which is also a promotion post of ASPOs, shall be placed in the pay scale of Rs.7500-12000 corresponding to the revised pay band PB-2 of Rs.8700-34800 along with grade pay of Rs.4800. Parity exists bedtween the posts of Inspector(Posts) and Inspectors in Mail Motor Service (MMS). This parity would need to be maintained and Assistant Manager, Mail Motor Sertvice shall be placed in the hihger grade of Rs.7450-11500 whose corresponding replacement pay and and grade pay is PB-2 of Rs.8700-34800 along with a grade pay of Rs.4600. Similarly, Manager, Mail Motor Service shall be placed in PB-2 pay band of Rs.8700-34800 along with a grade pay of Rs.4800 which corresponds to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7500-12000.

Lower Selection Grade, Higher Selection Grade II & I:- Para 7...6.15:-Higher pay scales have been sought for LSG (lower Selection GRade), HSG II (Higher Selection Grade) and HSG-I officers. No anomaly exists in the present pay structure of these posts. However, on account of the proposed restructuring of pay bands, a hihger grade would need to be extended to HSG-I. The post of HSG-I should, therefore, be placed in the revised pay band PB-2 of Rs.8700-34800 along with grade pay of Rs.4600 corresponding to the pre-revised scale of Rs.7450-11500. The other postrs shall be extended only the corresponding replacement pay band and grade pay.

Dispensaries in Dept. of Posts Para 7.6.16:- Department of Posts presently runs departmental Dispensaries in some cities and towns. Th e employees of Postal department posted in these cities are not eligible for CGHS facilities. Demands hav eben received that these employees should also be given the option for being covered under the CGHS, parricularly after thay have retired. The issue was discussed with Department of posts which has stated that a proposal was sent to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for merging these Dispensaries with CGHS, but no action has been taken so far. There is strong merit in the proposal made by the Department. The Commission, therefore, recommends that all the Dispensaries presently being run in Department of Posts should immediately be merged with CGHS and all postal employees be covered under the CGHS scheme, whereever available. This facility should also be extended to the retired postal employees.

Postman and Mail Guard Para 7.6.17 :- Historical parityk has existed between the post of Constable in CPOs and the analogous post of Mail Guard in Railway Mail Service and Postman in Department of Posts. The Commission has recommended that all the Constables in CPOs shall be placed in the revised PB-1 of Rs.4860-20200 along with grade pay or Rs.2000/. The Postman in Department of Posts and the analogous post of Mail Guard in Railway Mail Service should also be similarly upgraded and placed in the pay scale of Rs.3200-4900 coressponding to the revised pay band PB-1 of Rs.4860-20200 along with grade pay of Rs.2000.

P.O & RMS Acountant cadre: Para 7.6.19:- Acountants of this cadre have demanded parity with organised ACounts cadres. No functional justification exists for the same. The prity with organized ACounts cadres is, terefore, not recommended. The special allowance of Rs.180 presently given to them may be doubled.

System Admiminstrators & Marketing Executives Para 7.6.21:- Postal Assistants assigned the jobs of System Administrators & Marketing Executives have demanded creation of a new cadre with higher pay scales. Creation of a new cadre in their case is not functionally justified. The Commission, in any case, is not looking into demands relating to individual cadre reviews. Status-quo may, therefore need to be maintainted especially because the existing scenario allows usae of available manpower for need based multifarious functions.

Dearness Allowance Para 4.1.14:- The Commission recommends that the AICPI (IW) wit base 2001 may,henceforth, be used for the purpose of calculating DA till it gets revised.
Para 4.1.19:- DA may continue to be sanctikoned twice a year as on 1st January and 1st Juoly payable with the salary of March and Septemener respectively for administrative convenience with inflation neutralisation being maintained at 100% at all levels.

C C A Para 4.2.8:- The Commission recommends abolition of City Compensatory Allowance.

Transport Allowance: Para 4.2..43:- Employees drawing grade pay of Rs.5400 & above and posts in the apex scale and Cabinet secy. equivalent: Rs.3200 +_ DA thereon in A-1/A Class City and Rs.1600 +DA in other places. Employees drawing grade pay of Rs.4200 to 4800 :- Rs.1600 +_DA thereon in A-1/A Class City and Rs.800 +DA thereon in respect of other places. Employees drawing grade pay-below Rs.4200 :- Rs.400 + DA thereon in respect of A-1 & A Class City and Rs.300 + DA thereon in respect of other places.
Para 4.2.44 Similarly, the existing condition which prohibits grant of Transport Allowance to the employees who have been profvided with official accommodation within one Kilomeer of the office should also be removed because this creats an articicial distinction between the employees living in private acommodation within one kilometer of the office vis-a-vis those living within one kilometer of the office in Govt. accomodation.

6th CPC Recommendation on BCR

S-9 Pre Revised Scale 5000-150-800. Revised Pay Band PB-2+Grade Pay. Rs.8700-34800+4200
5000 -----8700+4200=12900
5150 ------8970+4200=13,170
5300------ 9230 +4200=13,430
5450 ------9490+4200=13,690
5600 ------9750+4200=13,950
5750 ------10010+4200=14,210
5900 ------10270+4200=14,470
6050------ 10530 +4200=14,730
6200------- 10790+4200=14,990
6350 --------11050+4200=15,250
6500 --------11,310+4200=15,510
6650 ---------11,580=4200=15,780
6800 --------11,840+4200=16,040
6950-------- 12,100+4200=16,300
7100 --------12,360+4200=16,560
7250--------- 12620+4200=16,820
7400 ---------12880+4200=17,080
7550--------- 13,140+4200=17,340
7700 ---------13,400+4200=17,600
7850 ---------13,660 +4200=17,860
8000 ---------13,920+4200=18,120

6th CPC BCR Scales of Pay recommended

6th Pay Commission recommendations

Recommended Pay Scales - Revised Pay Band PB 1 + Grade Pay
Pre revised scale (S-7) (Rs.4000-100-6000)
Basic Pay in the Pre Revised Pay in the running Grade Pay Total Pay
Revised Scale Pay Band
4,100 7,140 2400 9,540
4,200 7,310 2400 9, 710
4,300 7,490 2400 9,890
4,400 7,660 2400 10,060
4,500 7,830 2400 10.230
4,600 8,010 2400 10,410
4,700 8,180 2400 10,580
4,800 8,360 2400 10,760
4,900 8,530 2400 10,930
5,000 8,700 2400 11,100
5,100 8880 2400 11,280
5,200 9050 2400 11,450
5,300 9230 2400 11,630
5,400 9400 2400 11,800
5,500 9570 2400 11,970
5,600 9750 2400 12,150
5,700 9920 2400 12,320
5,800 10100 2400 12,500
5,900 10270 2400 12,670
6,000 10,440 2400 12,840
TBOP (S-8) (4500 - 125-7000)
4,500 7,830 2800 10,630
4,625 8,050 2800 10,850
4,750 8,270 2800 11,070
4,875 8,490 2800 11,290
5,000 8,700 2800 11,500
5,125 8,920 2800 11,720
5,250 9,140 2800 11.940
5,375 9,360 2800 12,160
5,500 9,570 2800 12,370
5,625 9,790 2800 12,590
5,750 10,010 2800 12,810
5,875 10,230 2800 13,030
6.000 10,440 2800 13.240
6,125 10,660 2800 13,460
6,250 10,880 2800 13,680
6,375 11,100 2800 13,900
6,500 11.310 2800 14,110
6,625 11,530 2800 14,330
6,750 11,750 2800 14,550
6,875 11,970 2800 14,770
7,000 12,180 2800 14,980
N.B:- 1st Col. Basic in the Pre revised Pay. Col. 2-Revised Pay in the running pay band. Col. 3- Grade Pay. Col 4- Total Pay (Revised Pay Band)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pay Commission Report

Today the Chairman of the 6th Pay Commission Justice Sri Krishna, submitted report to the Fianance Minister. When the Media Reporters asked details, he refused to say any thing. As soon as we get any information, the same will be posted in the Web site.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Membership Verification

The Secretary General, FNPO in his circular No. 7/03 dt. 14.3.2008 has intimated that himself along with the General Secretaries of NUPE-C, NUPE PM&Gr.D, NUGDS, NURMSE MG &Gr.D, Adminitrative Union, Accounts Union will be visiting the following places on the date noted below in connection with holdilng of convention regarding the above subject. All Circle Secretaries are requested to inform the Divisional Secretaries to be present on the specified date in the venue fixed by them. The S.G had already posted a detailed Circular to all the Circle Secretaries.

1. Tamilnadu 5..4.2008 (2) Kerala 7.4.2008 (3) Karnataka 10-4-2008 (4) Maharastra 12.4.2008 (5) Gujarat 14.4.2008 (6) Rajasthan 16.4.2008 (7) New Delhi 17.4.2008 (8) Haryana 18..4.2008 (9) Punjab 19-4-2008 (10) Himachal Pradesh 20.4.2008 (11) J &K 22.4.2008 (12) Delhi 24.4.2008 (13) M.P 26.4.2008 (14) U.P 28.4.2008 (15) Bihar 30.4.2008 (16) Jharkhand 1.5.2008 (17) ASsam 3.5.2008 (18) North East 4.5.2008 (19) West Bengal 6.5.2008 (20) Chhatisgarh 8..5.2008 (21) Orissa 10.5.2008 (22) A.P 12.5.2008

N:B The Circle Secretaries will intimate to the Divisional Secretaries about the venue of the convention and the time of commencement. For other details contact you Circle Secretary.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Decline in Small Savings Deposits

The Minister of State for Finance Shri. Pawan Kumar Bansal in a written reply to Rajya Sabha, admitted that the gross collections under the Small Savings Schemes for the period April 2007 to January 2008 has declined by 22.5 percent as compared to the same period in the last financial year.
The gross collections for the first ten month period in this financial year stood at Rs.1,11,234 crore as compared to Rs.1,43,52 crore in the previous year.
Though the Government had raised the maximum ceiling limit of the deposits of M I S, it had not attracted the investors.

Decline in Small

T V News on Pay Commission

Today Kalaignar T V (Owned by C.M., Tamilnadu) in the afternoon news bullettin, announced that Sixth Pay Commision would submit its report on the 20th March 2008 and the employees would be benefitted by 20 to 25% increase in their salary.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Print Media on Pay Commission

News from The Indian EXPRESS dated 14th March 2008 (Delhi)
As the Sixth Pay Commissin prepares to submit its report on March 20, a fortnight before deadlilne, the Finance Ministry has started working its numbes considering an average 20% increase in salaries of Central Government employees.
The wages hike, after merging existing allowances with the basic salary, will range from 18 to 25% depending on the slab, sources told The Indian Express. The net impact will be 20%, they added.
Compared to the 200% hike recommended by the Fifth Pay Commission, the increase this time has been deliberately kept at a moderate level as the inflationary impact is anyways being neutralised since July 1996 through revisions in the Dearness Allowance.
These revision, twice every year from January 1 and July 1, are in line with the formula adovcated by the Fifth Pay Commission. A Central government employee's remuneration includes a basic salary, a 50% dearness pay merged with the basic and 47% dearness allowance of the total.
Excluding the arrears that would accrue to the 55 lakh employees, the annual impact of the new wage jump is estimated at Rs.11,000 crore. The new scale will be effecrtive from January 2006 but half of it could be compulsorily put away under the GPF to bring down the instant payout.
This is becuase although Finance Minister P. Chidambaram provided for Rs. 26,657 core or 0.5% of the fiscal deficit as headroom for pay revision and arrears, the margin got reduced due to a supplementary demand for Rs.10,000 crore for the loan waiver of farmers.
Using the average wage hike of 20%, the Finance Ministry has estimated that its impact on states will be to the tune of Rs.46,000 crore.
News from T V Media
One of our friend from Chennai informs that CNN TV announced today that the Pay commission may increase wages to 33% and it may cost govt. 13 crores. Arrears will be paid in instalments and this will cost Govt. Rs.40 crore.
Which is correct ? We leave it to your decision.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Revised Syllabus for LGOs Examinatioin

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & I T
Department of Posts
(Training Division)

No. 56 – 4/2006 – Trg. 10.3.2008

Sub: - Revision of Syllabus for the LGOs for promotion to the cadre of Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants – regarding.
This is regarding the revision of LGOs syllabus. Kind reference is invited to this office letter of even number dated 24.10.2007.
2. The case has been examined in detail. The assistance of Consultant has been taken for developing the syllabus for the Aptitude test. The revised syllabus for the LGOs Examination has been formulated and the same is given below.
Existing Syllabus
Description Duration Total Marks
Paper I – Essay, General English/General Hindi 2 hours 100
and Grammar
Paper II Arithmetic 2 hours 100
Paper III-Test based on Postal Manuals and 2 hours 100
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Propsed syllabus
Description Duration Total Marks
Paper I – Language – English 2 hours 100 marks
Part A
Comprehension (with simple questions and fill up
the blanks - 25 Marks
Questions of multiple choice – in General to test the
knowledge of English – 50 Marks
Part B
Translation of English passage into local language
– 25 marks
Part II – Arithmetic (basic)and Test of Reasoning 2 hrs. 100
Simple Interest CalculationTest of Reasoning
Test of Reasoning
Paper III – Departmental Rules
Multiple Choice Questions-which will be circulated ** 2hrs. 100
** This will be Online Test. The candidates must know how to read the test (Question) on the computer screen and select the right answers by performing minimum operations in key board like using Arrow Keys’ Space Bar. Enter Key; Number or Alphabet Keys and Mouse. (Necessary dummy trials will be given before the Examination).

3. It may be added that we are looking forward to some more questions for the Auestion Bank.
4. Sample questions for Papers I & II are attached,
5. Please send us your views and suggestions.. If no response is received in a month’s time, will presume you have no objection to the new format.
Yours sincerely,
Sample Questions for Paper I - Language

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

Early rising is good for our health. It helps us to work hard. . The morning air is cool & fresh. It is very useful for our lungs. It gives strength to our body. Early rising is a very good habit. It is very calm at that time. There is no noise. A Student can read well. He can learn his lessons quickly. Therefore, every student should get up early.

Now answer the following questions.
Is early rising good for our health?
What is useful for our lungs?
Should a student get up early?
When can he learn his lessons quickly?
Give two benefits of early rising.

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions given below:
(in, on, from, to, a)
a. He knocked ---- door
b. Shankar lived ----- a village
c. The King gave people gifts ----- his birthday
d. Sachin was going ------ Delhi
e. You can earn a lot ----- this piece of land.

Choose the correct answer :
i. The Sun rises in the

ii. Jasmine flower is
white colour
rose colour
yellow colour
red colour

D. Please translate the following passage into Regional (Local language).

I am Suresh. I am working as Postman of “A” Head Post Office since 2.11.90. My hobby is “stamps collection.” I am having an account in Philatelic Bureau at my Post Office. A philatelic account can be opened in any Philatelic Bureau with a minimum deposit of Rs.200/-. Every month I am getting new Philatelic stamps/special cancellation covers from the Philatelic Bureau.
Sample Questions for Paper II – Arithmetic (basic) and Test of Reasoning

What is the original price of a cycle, if it is sold for Rs.550/- at a loss of 12 %?
Find the principal that amounts to Rs.9, 261/- in three years at 5% p.a?
A train traveling at 20 meters per second leaves Chennai at 7.30 A.M. When it reach Ambur, a distance of 260 Km?
A car runs at a distance of 30 Km per hour. What distance does it cover in 2 hours 30 minutes?
Venkat sells a quintal of wheat for Rs. 924/- amd earms a [rpfot pf 12%. By selling a quintal of rice for the same amount, he loses 12%. Find
Cost price of wheat
Cost of rice
Gain or loss percent on the whole transaction

A group of students was given a special test. The test was completed by the various students in the following time (in minutes)
17, 19, 19, 20, 22,24,26,28,30,32,36
a. Find out the average time taken by the students to complete the test.
b. How many students took more than the average time to complete the test?

A person starts his job with a certain monthly salary and earns a fixed increment every year. If his salary was Rs.4,500/- after 4 years of service, find his initial salary and the amount increment.
List price of a Scooter is Rs.35000/-. It is available ata discount of 8%. Find the selling price of the scooter.
B. Test of Reasoning:
1. What is next in this series?
AC CE EG GI -------
Ans: a) IJ b) MO c) IK d) IM

What is the missing number in this series:
3 6 ------ 24
Ans: a) 8 b) 9 c) 12 d) 15

What are the missing alphabets in this series?
31 CA 25 BE 57 EG 46-----
Ans: a) CG b) DE c) GA D) DF

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fax Machine to the CHQ

As per the decision of the last CWC held at Hyderabad, I have purchased a Fax Machine with Printer and Scanner for the use of the CHQ at the cost of Rs.8000/-.The fax no. is the same as of the telephone number 011-25990103.
D.Kishan Rao, General Secretary, NUPE-C

Evidence before the GDS Committee

Sri. P.U. Maraleedharan, General Secretary, NUGDS along with Sri.D.Thegarajan, Secretary General, FNPO tendered evidence before the Chairman of the GDS Committee Sri.R.S.Natajamurti on the 26th February 2008. The Financial Secretary. NUGDS and Sri.M.P.Chitasena, Circle Secretary, NUGDS, Karnataka Circle were also present during the evidence.
It is informed by our Secretary General, FNPO that NFPE had also submitted memorandum to Sri.R.S.Natarajamurti committee last month.

Meeting with Secretary (P) and Member (P)

I met the Secretary (P) and Member (P) on the 28th Feb.’08 along with Sri.D.Theagarajan, S.G, FNPO. I discussed with them regarding filling up of residuary vacancies, filling up of APM Accounts posts, delay in filling up of HSG II posts in many Circles. The Secretary (P) had issued instructions to DDG (P) to issue immediate orders to fill up residuary vacancies since these vacancies shall not come under the purview of abolition even though the vacancies exists more than a year and the process of recruitment has already started. Member (P) said that the Department will finalize the rules for filling up of APM Accounts posts very shortly and said that Circles will be instructed to promote LSG officials who have completed 3 years service to HSG II immediately after holding the DPC. I have also pointed out that many Circles have not taken the vacancies arisen due to promotion of HSG II officials to HSG I on adhoc basis and urged that these vacancies should also be filled up since the Department had got one time exemption from the DoPT relaxing the HSG I recruitment rules and the question of their reversion does not arise at all now. The Member (P) seems to have agreed with my view. The atrocious attitude of the U P Postal Administration against the NUPE-C was brought to the notice of the Member (P) who had agreed to look into it after getting report from the CPMG. Member (P) also said that revised syllabus for the LGO examination is almost finalized and will be announced shortly and the department may give two more chances to those already exhausted six chances. I also discussed about J &K Circle problem regarding grant of messing allowance and review of C R entry ‘average’ written by the previous SSPO’s which resulted in many seniors have now become juniors in the LSG grade. The Member (P) and the Secretary said that they have already seized the problem and they are at it for solving the same.
D.Kishan Rao, General Secretary

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Verification of Membership for recognition of Service Associations -GDS

No. 13/01/2008-SR Dated, 28th February 2008
Sub: - Verification of Membership for recognition of Service Associations representing Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDSs) (earlier called as Extra Departmental Agents) under EDA (RA) Rules, 1995 - Calling of applications.
I am directed to refer to the Department's letter No. 13-31/98-SR dated 30-06-2006, vide which the Service Association representing Gramin Dak Sdevaks(GDSs) was granted recognition for 2 years, which will come to an end on 29-06-2008. In order to have a fresh panel of recognized service associations available before expiry of the earlier one, it has been decided to conductg re-verification of membership under check off system under EDA (RA) Rules, 1995.
2. All Service Associations belonging to this category and intending to participate in the verification process for recognition should submit their application alongwith the following documents to SR Section of the Department latest by 25th March, 2008.
i) Memorandum of Associations
ii) Constitution /by-laws of the Associations
iii) List of Office bearers and
iv) Estimated membership of the Associations.
3. All Heads of Circles/Regional Postmasters General & Service Associations are requested to give wide publicity to this Circular.
4. Hindi Version will follow.
Yours faithfully,
sd/(Subhash Chander)
Director (SR & Legal)

Verification of Membership for recognition of Service Association

NO. 13/04/2007-SR Dated the w6th February 2008
Sub: - Verification of Membership for recognition of Service Association under CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 - calling of applications.
I am directed to refer to the Depatment's letter No. 13-31/98-SR dated 30-06-2006, vide which recognition of Service Associations was granted for 2 years, which will come to a end on 29.06.2008. In order to have a fresh panel of recognized Service Associations available before the said date of expiry, it has been decided to conduct the next verification of membership of Service Associations under check off system, for the following xv caegories:-
i) Group 'C' (Postal) (Exclluding Postmen)
ii) Group 'C' RMS including MMS and excluding Mail "Guards
iii)Group 'D' Postal including Postmen
iv) Group 'D' RMS & MMS including Mail Guards
v) Circle Office Administrative Staff Group 'C' and 'D'
vi) IPO/IRM Associations
vii) Postal Civil Wing (Group 'C' & 'D' including Junior Engineers)
viii) Postal Accounts Employees (Group 'C' & 'D') including JAOs
ix) Indian Postal Service Group 'A'
x) PSS Group 'C' officers
xi) AAO/AO/Senior AO
xii) Supervisors (General line)
xiii)SBCO (All grades)
xiv) Mail Motor Service Officers
xv) Stenographers.
All Service Associations in the Department of Posts intending to participate in the verification process for the above-mentioned categories should submit their application alongwith the following documents to SR Section of the Department latest by 25th March, 2008.
i) Memorandum of Associations
ii) Constitution/by-laws of the Associations
iii) List of office bearers and
iv) Estimated membership of the Associations.
In regard to the category of Supervisors (General Line), it may be pertinent to mention that as per order dated 06.05.1997 passed by the Hon'ble Delhi high Court, the All India Association of Postal Supervisors (GL) will continue to avail the recognized status, till such time the interim order of Hon'ble High Court is in force.
All Heads of Circles/Regional Postmasters General, Federations & Service Associations are requested to give wide publicity to this communication.
5. Hindi version will follow.
Yours faithfully,
sd/ Subash Chander
Director (SR & Legal)

Sixth Pay Commission - Budget Provision

The Finance Minister Sri.P.Chidambaram announced in the budget speech that Sixth Pay Commission would submit its report to Govt. before 31st March, 2008. According to the media report that he has provided Rs.26,657 crore towards pay revision as well as arrears.