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Rules for provisional pension liberalised and timeline extended for ease of beneficiaries due to pandemic

 Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh says, rules for provisional pension liberalised and timeline extended for ease of beneficiaries due to pandemic

Posted On: 05 MAY 2021 4:11PM by PIB Delhi

Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances, Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh today said that Government has decided to extend the payment of provisional pensionup to a period of one year from the date of retirement in view of the pandemic situation. At a meeting held online with senior officers of the Department of Pension and DARPG, the Minister said that provisional family pension was also liberalized. He said that instructions were issued that family pension may be sanctioned immediately on receipt of a claim for family pension and death certificate from the eligible family member, without waiting for forwarding of the family pension case to Pay & Accounts Office.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, similarly orders have been issued to extend the benefit of lump sum compensation to the NPS employees also, if they suffer a disability in the performance of duty and are retained in Government service in spite of such disablement. According to the CCS (EOP) Rules, if a Government servant suffers a disability due to an injury or disease in the performance of duty and is retained in Government service in spite of such disablement, a lump sum compensation is paid to him in lieu of the disability element of the disability pension.

The Minister said that based on earlier orders and rules, Central Civil Government servants who were boarded out, prior to 01.01.2006, with a qualifying service of less than ten years and were in receipt of only the disability element of disability pension, would also be eligible for the service element of disability pension, w.e.f. 01.01.2006, in addition to the disability element.

Moreover, to ensure timely credit of pension in cases, where PPO (Pension Payment Order) has been issued but not sent to CPAO or banks due to lock-down, the matter was taken up with Controller General of Accounts (CGA) to issue necessary directive to CPAO and CPPCs of banks to use electronic modes during the unprecedented situation of COVID 19 pandemic till normalcy returns.

In some cases, Government servants have died after retirement without submitting the pension papers. In order to avoid hardships to the families of such Government servants, instructions have been given for issue of Pension Payment Order for release of arrears of pension (from the date of retirement till the date of death of retired Government servant) in all such cases and for grant of family pension to the family member from the date of death.

Dr Jitendra Singh also informed that Bhavishya 8.0 was released in August, 2020 and this new feature PUSHES the ePPO in Digi locker as a permanent record. Bhavishya is the first application of its kind to use the Digilocker Id based PUSH Technology.

India Posts and Payment Bank (IPPB) with its 1,89,000 Postmen &GraminDakSevaks under the Department of Posts roped in to collect DLC from home. Approximately 1,48,325 Central Government Pensioners have already availed this facility till now.

DoPPW also roped in an Alliance comprising 12 Public Sector Banks which does “Doorstep Banking” for its customers in 100 major cities of the country for including the collection of Life Certificate also under this service.

DoPPW advised all the Pension Disbursing Banks to adopt the Video based Customer Identification Process (V-CIP) as an additional facility for obtaining a Life Certificate from the pensioners, within permissible RBI guidelines. UCO Bank has become a pioneer in this area.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Sakshi News AP & Telangana


The National Association of Postal Employees Group C (NAPEc) has said that the Center is indifferent in resolving the problems of postal workers who are providing services in times of crisis like Corona and if the problems are not resolved immediately.  NAPEC secretary Shivaji Vasireddy said in a statement that Rs 10 lakh extra gratuity would be given to those who died due to Covid and no one had been paid till now.  He said there was no response from the government on the demand for compassionate appointment for the family members of those who died due to covid, as well as the need to immediately address issues such as cashless treatment, identification as frontline workers and vaccinations.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Gist of SB Order 09/2021 - Interest Payment and Maturity Value Payment to Bank Account in CBS Post Office

 The gist of the SB Order 9/2021 is that the customers can now collect their periodical interest and either premature closure or maturity of RD/MIS/SCSS/TD/KVP/NSC Accounts into their bank account directly through ECS Outward mode.

Neither a customer need to open a POSA account nor the account needs to be closed by cheque mode as most of the customers are interested in much more prompt settlement of their investment.

This order has been issued by keeping in mind that most of the POs are unable to issue cheque and had to rely on their respective HOs for account closure through Cheque mode.

Chennai GPO will act as nodal office. In closure the Chennai GPO ECS Outward Credit Suspense account (600001000098) will be auto populated. Even though the ECS Outward account can be editable, the SOLs shouldn't edit it

The customers will get their credits on D+1 days (D-Date of closure)

This facility is currently not available to SB, PPF, SSA, NSS87, NSS92 and bulk closure of certificates through CNSBCV menu

The Chennai GPO will adjust the ECS Outward Credit along with respective SOLs on the next day with concerned account numbers.

Most importantly, the POs must ensure the zeroing of office account SOL ID + 098


Click Here  To get full view of original order 


 Trade Unions write to the Prime Minister

Deplore callous attitude of government in handling covid 19 crises

Calls for observing May Day

Against the anti worker, anti farmer, anti people policies of the Government

The online meeting of Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions and Independent Sectoral Federations held on 28th April 2021 expressed grave concern at the cruel insensitivity of the Government at the centre in addressing and combating the second wave of the Covid Pandemic. The alarming country wide surge of this second wave of Covid has thrown the lives of the people, working people in particulars in total jeopardy. The daily infection count has already crossed 3 lakhs and is estimated to grow further in the coming days. Number of daily deaths too has surged. A substantial part of deaths are preventable, being caused due to non-availability of basic infrastructure, oxygen, hospital beds and essential medicines. The CTUs and Sectoral Federations/Associations have written to the Prime Minister(The letter attached)

In the midst of such grave humanitarian crisis, the Central government ridiculously draws satisfaction over overcoming the crisis under the leadership of Narendra Modi! The Union Finance Minister has made mindless self congratulatory statement that their programme of privatisation/disinvestment is on track and in progress!

Caught unprepared, despite the warning about a second country wide wave,  the Central government is now trying to blame the people, the state governments and everybody except itself for the surge of casualty with much more intensity and speed. The reprimand of EC by some High Courts has Vindicated the stand of Trade Unions having taken time to time. Now only the order has come not to organise any rally, celebration from 2nd to 15th may in the election bound states.                                                             

There is serious shortage of vaccines, testing facilities, hospital beds, ventilators, oxygen, medicines and above all trained personnel – doctors, nurses and other medical staff. The front line workers and employees are overworked and lack adequate protection. Instead of addressing these serious issues, BJP leaders including union ministers are engaged in shifting the responsibility to the state governments and indulging in blame games.

In the midst of this, the vaccine policy announced by the government puts corporate profits above the precious lives of people. Today, it is crucial to strictly regulate, under direct government supervision, the entire vaccination process to ensure that the entire population is vaccinated within a definite time frame. Vaccine production must be urgently scaled up; it must be imported as necessary. But the government is shamelessly succumbing to the profit hungry international drug mafia and liberalised vaccine sales. The new vaccine policy liberalises the vaccine sale by deregulating the prices through a discriminatory process that too without taking any concrete measures for augmenting availability.

States are not given the promised doses of vaccines. This has severely affected the first phase of vaccination itself. The new vaccine policy of Modi government stipulates that the state governments have to procure the vaccines from the open market with higher price of Rs 400/Rs 600 per dose as announced by the two vaccine companies in India. They will be thrown into unhealthy competition with each other and also with the private sector hospitals which are also free to procure the vaccines at Rs 600/ Rs 1200. More such notorious announcements are expected to pour in the days to come with the Govt-corporate nexus. It is atrocious that the Serum Institute which has announced Rs 400 per dose of vaccine for the state governments and Rs 600 for private hospitals in India.

Covisheild is priced at 1.78 Euro (Rs 160) in Europe and at $4 (Rs 300) in the US and Bangladesh, at Rs.237 in Brazil, at Rs. 226 in UK

This  pro-corporate deregulation on vaccine and other essential ingredients of pandemic management will further facilitate hoarding and black marketing which is already going on in case of essential medicines like Remdesivir and oxygen. Overwhelming majority of our people who cannot afford the huge price of the vaccine would be excluded. Policies of exclusion have now become the hallmark of the Central government.    

The local and regional lockdowns and curfews being imposed in several states are creating uncertainties about the work and income among the working people, the migrant workers and workers in the unorganised sector in particular. Reminiscent of the migrant workers’ march around one year back, migrant workers are again heading to their native places. None of the orders under Disaster Management Act issued so far by various authorities on curfew or scaling down of operation by industry etc had cared to concretely direct the employers to protect employment/livelihood of workers, their incomes and residences. It is again an attempt by the governments, as last year, to sacrifice the lives and livelihood of the workers and the toiling people to safeguard the interests of the employers’ class.  

The Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions and Federations demands the government to withdraw the new pro-corporate as well as discriminatory vaccine policy and take immediate measures to ensure 100% procurement of the vaccine, adequate supply of vaccines to the states, free of cost, utilising the PM care fund. The government, sufficiently empowered by Disaster Management Act must not abdicate its responsibility of prioritising protection of the lives of the people during this grave pandemic, over profiteering by vaccine-pharmaceutical barons.

The joint platform of Central trade unions and Federations point out that it is the public sector companies that are, as ever, coming to the rescue of the nation in this critical situation. It is the public sector steel companies that are producing and supplying oxygen; it is the Indian Railways that is transporting Oxygen to the needy states. We also remind the government that it was the public sector financial institutions in our country that have protected the country against the 2008 world crisis. The joint platform of trade unions demand that the government must immediately stop its mindless privatisation drive. We demand that immediate measures be taken to strengthen the existing public sector medicine and oxygen production units which are already playing a frontline role in producing/supplying oxygen and other necessities and establish new ones to ensure universal and comprehensive public health care.

The Joint Platform also demands that the Govt must ensure that any order issued by any authorities under Disaster Management Act imposing restrictions in movement, curfew etc must accompany strict enforceable orders to all employers and all concerned banning retrenchment, wage-cut and eviction from residences etc. It cannot be just an advisory but a stringently enforceable direction and the Disaster Management Act adequately empowers the Govt to issue such orders and enforce.

The Joint Platform calls upon the workers and toiling people to observe the forthcoming May Day, the international working class solidarity day through jointly organizing agitation in as many locations throughout the country to press for the following demands, while expressing solidarity with the working class movement going on throughout the world:

1.    Ramp up vaccine production and ensure universal free vaccination within a definite time frame. Ensure free supply of oxygen in the crises as in present situation.

2.    Ensure adequate hospital beds, oxygen and other medical facilities to meet the Covid surge

3.    Scrap anti-people discriminatory pro-corporate Vaccine Policy

4.    Strengthen public health infrastructure including recruiting the necessary health personnel

5.    Any order under Disaster Management Act issued by any authority imposing restrictions in movement, curfew etc must accompany strict order on all employers and all concerned banning retrenchment, wage-cut and eviction from residences etc and same must be strictly enforced.

6.    Scrap anti-worker Labour Codes and anti-people Farm Laws and Electricity Bill

7.    Stop privatization and Disinvestment

8.    Cash transfer of Rs 7500 per month for all non income tax paying families

9.    10 kg free food grains per person per month for the next six months

10.  Ensure non Covid patients get effective treatment in government hospitals

11.  Ensure availability of protective gear, equipments etc for all health and frontline workers and those engaged in pandemic-management work including ASHAs and anganwadi employees along with comprehensive insurance coverage for them all


Covid protocols – wearing masks, maintaining physical distance etc should be strictly followed by all our leaders, cadres, activists and members to safeguard their own health and the health of their comrades, colleagues and family members.

Homage to Late Sri Anil Kumar CPMG Bihar


Really Department lost a Good and sincere officer. 

On behalf of NAPEc, FNPO convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved family. 

May his soul rest in peace. Respectful tributes to Shri Anil Kumar ji. 

Sivaji Vasireddy GS NAPEc

Transmission and Delivery of postal mail (Speed Post, Letter, Parcel & ITPS) to foreign countries is subjected to delay due to suspension of international flights to many countries due to Covid-19 pandemic


Formation of Panel of Supervisors in UPSC Examinations – DOPT Order




NEW DELHI-110069


Date: 27.04.2021



1. Delhi Govt.

2. DOPT with request to upload it on their website

3. UPSC Website

Sub: Formation of Panel of Supervisors in Commission’s Examinations – reg.

Sir / Madam,


The Commission conducts its Examinations throughout the year on pan India basis as per calendar of the Examinations (copy enclosed).


2. The Union Public Service Commission has now initiated the process of updating its panel of Supervisor for its examinations to be held in the Examination Hall Building of UPSC, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi. The Govt. Officers retired in the grade pay of Rs. 7600 (Level-12) and above and below 65 years of age are eligible for appointment as Supervisor. It is, therefore, requested that names & bio-data with PPO, ID proof of such willing Officers who have experience of examination duties may be sent to the undersigned by 21st May, 2021. An application form in this regard is also enclosed. This may be given wide publicity.


3. The willing eligible Officers may also apply directly by sending their application to the undersigned by 21st May, 2021 at the following address:


Shri Deep Pant,

Under Secretary (EIA-I),

UPSC, Dholpur House,

Shahjahan Road,

New Delhi – 110069


Yours faithfully


(Sanjeev Thapliyal)

Under Secretary (Exam)









1. Name (in capital):


2. Address:


3. Date of Birth:


4. Educational Qualifications:


5. (a) (i) Post held at the time of retirement:


(ii) Pay Scale and Grade Pay at the time of retirement:


(iii) Pay Level as per 7th Pay Commission:


(b) Department / Office from where retired:


(c) Date of retirement (Please attach a copy of P.P.O.):


6. Previous experience of Invigilation work etc., if any


(a) Examinations conducted by the Commission


(b) Examinations conducted by other Organisations/Bodies


7. Telephone/ Mobile Number:





Advance paid Covid deceased official may be adjusted final payments by DDO n


Friday, April 30, 2021

 Today Hon'ble Secretary & Chairman Postal Services Board Sri P.K.Bisoai sir and Member P Dr Santosh Kamila are retiring from service. NAPEc wishes both the officers a very happy, prosperous, healthy and  peaceful retirement Life. 6500 families of GDS rejected CRC candidates will remeber Sri Bisoai sir name forever. 

Sivaji Vasireddy GS NAPEc