Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Saturday, August 8, 2020


Today really a great day. Because our FNPO founder and visionary leader late  Sri K.Ramamurthy birth anniversary. He faught for workers and for democracy till the last breath. We shoul follow the way shown by him forever. It is pertinent to remember about the services rendered for the welfare of GDS. This is only a real tribute to the Legendary LEADER. 

Sri K Rammmurthy not only founder of FNPO he is a honest Leader. We should remember one incident. During  one Strike period several officials suspended including  KR the department revoke suspended ordered and ask him to join duty but he refused he joined duty till issue of last suspended person revoke order. That is KR.

FNPO Zindabad

K R Amar Rahe


One Time Relaxation for HSG II and HSG I posts-Reg : GS NAPE Gc letter to Secretary,DoP


#Grant of special paid leave for GDS employees undergoing COVID-19 treatment /home quarantine : SG FNPO Letter to Secretary,DoP.


Protection of pay to the Central Government Servant consequent to appointment to a new post in different service or cadre in Central Government, through direct recruitment where either higher duties and responsibilities are involved or not, as the case may be, under FR 22-B(1), in the 7th CPC Scenario-regarding : DoPT.